Albanians are drinking less coffee than a year ago

Albanians are drinking less coffee than a year ago
Morning coffee, a daily routine for Albanians, is turning into a luxury. The increase in prices in bars, but also the continuous increase in the cost of living, has significantly reduced consumption. Customs data show that for the first half of the year, coffee imports have fallen by about 12%.

In the period January-June 2022, about 3,643 tons of coffee were imported, compared to 4,133 tons in the same period a year ago. The tightening of the bill for coffee and macchiato is partly caused by the increased costs for basic products. Today, 100 grams of ground coffee costs on average 131 ALL, this price is 9.2% higher than a year ago.

People who prefer coffee with milk and sugar should also take into account the increase in the price of milk by 17.3%, now at 137 Lek per liter, while sugar has become more expensive by 38.7% in just one year, at 113 ALL per kilogram.

For consolation, Europeans are also paying more for coffee. The price of coffee in the countries of the European Union increased by an average of 16.9%. The price of fresh milk increased by an average of 24.3%, while the annual inflation of sugar was 33.4%, less than in Albania.
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