Albanian Women's Association founded in Denmark

Logo of the association of Albanian women in Denmark
 Logo of the association of Albanian women in Denmark
 In April 2022, the Albanian Women's Association was founded in Denmark. A voluntary association that, through various cultural and social activities, aims to integrate into society and strengthen the cooperation of Albanian women regardless of generation, profession or place of residence. The initiator of this project is Emine Aliji. She was previously employed in the municipality of Ballerup, in the service for citizens, owner of several businesses and now works as a mentor for cognitive psychology, which is actually the scientific study of mental activities.

Aliji confesses that the idea of ​​the association was born because of her association with Danish women. "It's normal, why don't we do it because there are many Albanian women here in Denmark and they are looking for this association because there were earlier organizations and beggars to participate in the organizations," she says.

Like any association, the Albanian Women's Association in Denmark has its own goals.

According to Aliji, the association of Albanian women in Denmark is very new. "We started and were accepted into the ministry at the beginning of April this year. But there are some practical things we haven't finished yet. There are some conditions by law that must be fulfilled, while the conditions are in order, we can continue with the plans, with the organizations we have planned. But the goal is very simple: to gather Albanian women in Denmark to have parties, to do something with a social character. But in fact, what Albanian women are looking for is very simple, and that is the goal," she says.

foto of Emine Aliji vested in white swit
 Emine Aliji
Although a new association in the future would try to deepen cooperation with other women's associations. "It is a normal thing to cooperate with Albanian women's associations here in Denmark and in Sweden, the Mother Teresa association, why not learn something from each other, it is normal for us", says Emineja.

The vice president of the Albanian Women's Association in Denmark is another successful woman. Drita Memishi Aliji graduated in economics and marketing and is currently the founder and manager of a company that deals with technology development.

"I thought there was a lack of association in Denmark. I participate in other associations related to the business that I work for, but now we are still at the beginning, but I think that Albanian women in Denmark need to gather for a few moments, not only for dancing but also for other things. I think that there will be support in the future, but it is normal that now at the beginning we have to work in different ways and we think that it will be successful," she says.

In the near future, the expansion of the association is one of the main plans of this Albanian women's association in the Danish Kingdom.
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