Giuseppe Molisso ordered the execution of Albanian Selavdi Shelaj in 2020 in Rome

Bora Bora beach in Rome, where Selavdi Shelaj was killed
 Bora Bora beach in Rome, where Selavdi Shelaj was killed
 Italian investigators have finally managed to find out who ordered the execution of the Albanian Selavdi Shelaj on September 20 on the "Bora Bora" beach in Rome.

The Carabinieri of the Rome Provincial Command arrested the person who ordered the murder of the Albanian citizen Selavdi Shelaj, Italian media report.

While Roberto Saviano, a well-known writer in Italy who has knowledge about the Italian mafia, says that the murder on the beach is a message given by the mafia.

At the request of DDA prosecutors, the army has announced a prison detention order for Giuseppe Molisso, a 40-year-old author of Neapolitan origin, already detained in another case.

Another Order is also for Guido Cianfrocca, a serious suspect for finding the murder weapon. The bloody event happened not far from a stand. The perpetrators were arrested last December 17: Enrico Bennato and the Argentinian Raul Esteban Calderon, the latter already arrested as he was heavily suspected of being the author of the murder of the ultras of Lazio, Fabrizio Piscitello, or "Diabolik".

Molisso is in prison because he is considered the mandate of the double assassination attempt of the Costantino brothers that took place on July 13, 2021 in the Alessandrino district. According to the investigators, the killing of Shelaj, known as Simone, is attributed to an action of a revenge character after the November 14 ambush three years ago against Leandro Bennato, a subject believed to be close to Molisso.
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