Dua Lipa performs on the first night of Sunny Hill Festival 2022

dua lipa performing in the first night at sunny hills
 Dua Lipa performing in "Sunny Hill"
 On August 4, the Sunny Hill Music Festival, organized by the Foundation of the same name as the world-famous singer, Dua Lipa, starts in Pristina.

At the press conference before the start of the festival, Dua Lipa said that she is proud to be in Kosovo and expressed her excitement about the performance tonight.

"I am very happy to be in my home, in my country, and to have the opportunity to do something like this," said Dua Lipa.

"It is a very good feeling to come to perform in Pristina, there is no better feeling. I can't wait to feel those emotions before I go on stage," she added.

Sunny Hill will be held in Germija Park from August 4 to 7, and according to the organizers, the festival will bring to Pristina a large number of world-famous artists.

Dukagjin Lipa, Lipa's father, said that this festival is being organized after a dispute with the authorities in Kosovo regarding the location where it would be held.

"There was a big stop. In our minds, it was like nothing would ever be organized the way it was before. But, fortunately, here we are, after two years we are organizing the biggest festival in the region", said Dukagjin Lipa.

According to him, if the preliminary plan to hold Sunny Hill in Lower Bërnica was realized, then it could be attended by 40,000 people.

However, the capacity in Germi will enable this festival to be attended by over 25,000 people, which, according to Dukagjin Lipa, makes this year's edition the biggest.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Pristina, Përparim Rama, said that events like Sunny Hill are helping to promote Pristina and Kosovo in general.

"Despite the fact that Kosovo is feeling isolated due to the liberalization of visas, Prishtina has nevertheless transformed into a creative, innovative center that thanks to great people, great artists like Dua who come and contribute more than any diplomat and all the state in promoting the country", said Rama.

Earlier this year, due to disagreements regarding the request for utilization by the Sunny Hill Foundation of a plot of 17 hectares on the outskirts of Pristina, the holding of the festival in Pristina was canceled and it was moved to Tirana.

But then it was agreed that the festival would be held in Pristina from 4 to 7 August and then in Tirana from 26 to 28 August.

The first edition of the Sunny Hill Festival was held in 2018, while the 2020 edition was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Dua Lipa performs on the first night of Sunny Hill Festival 2022 Dua Lipa performs on the first night of Sunny Hill Festival 2022 Thursday, August 04, 2022 Rating: 5
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