Albanian actor Florind Belliu and his wife die in New York jumping from 6th floor, they left two children, 2 and 6

The building in New York from where the Albanian actor Florind Belliu jumped with his wife
 The building in New York from where the Albanian actor Florind Belliu jumped with his wife
 The Albanian actor, Florind Belliu, lost his life together with his wife, after they jumped from the sixth floor of the apartment where they lived in New York, United States.

 Florind Belliu, his wife Ornela and their two children
It is suspected that Florind first pushed his wife Ornela from the balcony and then jumped himself from the 6th floor of the building.

The bodies of the 35-year-old man and the 28-year-old woman were found in the back yard of the building on Saturday morning, writes the New York Post.

The police are investigating all possible leads, including a double murder.

Florind Belliu and his two children in New York
A police source told the American media that Belliu may have had mental health problems, which may have triggered the incident that proved fatal for him and his wife.

florind belliu and his two children
 Florind Belliu and his two children
According to the testimony of the neighbors, the couple was always accompanied by each other, but the day before, the actor appeared angry.

One of the neighborhood, Shadie Perkaj, said:

"I thought probably they are fighting upstairs, and probably the guy who was cleaning the garbage called the police, after five minutes the police came,” Perkaj said, adding the couple was “Albanian like us. I’ve seen them always buying things for the house, like every day together, with two kids together, we didn’t recognize there was something wrong.," said one of them.

The couple had two children, 6 and 2 years old, and had settled in the neighborhood "The Bronx" in New York only 3 months ago.

It is not yet known the circumstances that led the couple to undertake such an act.

His last post on Facebook dates back at the end of December 2020. Some monthsbefore he had an interview ti Albanian media, talking about his dreams about acting in New York and his disappointments: 

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