Mostacciolo, the typical Arbëresh wedding cake

 The Arbëresh, who arrived in the southern part of Italy around the 15th century, mainly in the part of Calabria, differ in many factors and elements not only from the Italians, but also from the today Albanians.

Mostacciolo, the typical Arbëresh wedding cake
 While the modern Albanian society has evolved somewhat in traditions and customs, the Arbëresh has preserved the old socio-cultural origins.

One of these traditions is the wedding cake, known as Mostacciolo.

In the area of ​​Spezzano Albanese in particular, this cake is fascinating. It wears decorations similar to the centuries-old Albanian folk costumes.

Some moments of community life are placed as consumable decorations on the cake gilded with cultural heritage.

Marriage in Arbëresh culture - as in many world cultures - is considered one of the greatest events in human life. That is why the gastronomic tradition reflects so diversely the whole event on a cake.

Often, hidden symbols can also be hidden in them. Each family prepares it in its own way, but it is important to maintain the transmission of information in it.

The anthropological value of this culinary confusion almost exaggerated in art, is also great.

The apogee of the wedding? A cutting (breaking) the cake!
Assisted by the guests, the Arbëresh do not consume the cake as such but throw it at each other.

The man, as if to symbolize his strength, can use only one hand. The woman, on the other hand, both.

What wins is almost always "the sweet part of the young couple".

While the prize won, is the symbolism of power at home, which undoubtedly belongs to brides.

Mostaccio may seem just like a dessert, like a sculpture conceived from flour and wine cider, but it is much more than that.

It represents dimensions, shapes, expertise, fantasy, and lots of love. These elements are set as the foundation of a marital relationship.

A typical Arbëresh dessert, which flows in their Albanian blood for centuries.

A dessert that has been preserved as an Arbëresh identity and added value. As a cult, to embrace what the first Albanians across the sea are, but with roots in origin.
Mostacciolo, the typical Arbëresh wedding cake Mostacciolo, the typical Arbëresh wedding cake Friday, June 24, 2022 Rating: 5
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