'Piper' plane crashes in Vermosh! Two people leave quickly. Used for transporting Cannabis Sativa?

The suspicious aircraft of 'Piper' type has been crashed today in North Albania in Vermosh at around 09:00 in the morning, it is still unknown of what it was used for.

In a video filmed more closely it is seen that inside the plane there is nothing suspicious, but what can be noticed with the naked eye are just a few cans. The propellers of the plane are broken and although he tried to get up several times did not succeed. During the attempts to climb, the plane collided with a tree and suffered defects in the structure, as local media report.

'Piper' plane crashes in Vermosh! Two people leave quickly. Used for transporting Cannabis Sativa?
Aircraft of Piper type crashed today in Vermosh, on the border with Montenegro
Residents alerted authorities as soon as they noticed the plane. The pilot and another person thought to have been inside the plane quickly left the meadow in an off-road vehicle. Inside the plane there is no distinguishing mark to verify where it came from or to whom it belonged, which means that it may be unregistered or its data may have been deleted.

Regarding this unusual incident, the Ministry of Defense said that the vehicle is not Albanian and that they were not aware of this flight. Although so far there is no runway, the possibility that it was used for narcotics trafficking is not ruled out. All this mystery is expected to be clarified by the authorities.

Other sources report that the plane was not in contact with the civil aviation services and for this reason the matter was referred to the local police authorities there for information. Sources say a group from the Incident / Accident Service has left for the scene. The body in question (Inc / Accident / Investigation) is an independent body in order to be transparent in providing expertise.

According to the testimony of the shepherds in those areas, the 2 persons whose identity is not yet known, left with a white off-road vehicle, where the traces of the car are still visible. The shepherds saw this scene and went to help them, but were not allowed, how they were stopped is still unclear. All this event raises suspicions that it could be about drug trafficking, based on the fact that the mayor says that in this area there were cannabis plots as well as operations by the police to destroy them. The suspicions deepen because all the planes of this type have a code on their tail, but in this, no identifying sign can be seen.

'Piper' plane crashes in Vermosh! Two people leave quickly. Used for transporting Cannabis Sativa?

Who is the pilot and the other person, at what time did the plane arrive, was there a flight permit? What has been his weight in flight? How much fuel was there in the saboteur? Whether the GPS transmitting devices worked or not, as well as the flight speed, these are some questions that have not yet received an answer. As seen in the photo, inside the plane there were some plants, but it is not known of what kind. Also, an important detail is that there may have been a modification of the passenger seat, to open up more space. Purpose? It is not known yet.

'Piper' plane crashes in Vermosh! Two people leave quickly. Used for transporting Cannabis Sativa?
The crushed plane where you can see some plants inside
This scene brings to attention the cases of crashed planes in Durrës and Lushnje, where it was discovered that they were being used for cannabis trafficking. It is about the event that happened in 2014 when a "Piper" type plane piloted by the Italian pilot, Giorgio Riformato landed on the beach of Divjaka, in Lushnje, to get a quantity of about 300 kg of cannabis sativa as well as the case of the Italian pilot Guido Guidi, who admitted that he would transport 200 kg of cannabis, but at the moment of finding the plane in Ishëm on board the plane, no drugs were found.
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