The Albanian Opposition proposed fully open voter lists

The Albanian Opposition proposed fully open voter lists
Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha
 The United Opposition of Albania said Friday afternoon that it was ready to offer its understanding for a 100 percent opening of the electoral roll, provided that coalitions and the formula for calculating mandates were not changed.

Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha said after a coalition meeting that the United Opposition rejects any unilateral proposal for constitutional changes, which affect election-related issues.

Mr. Basha stressed that the roundtable of the Political Council is the only place where it can and should be discussed in relation to a number of issues still unresolved, related to the OSCE/ODIHR priority recommendations, such as vote-buying and pressure on the public administration.

"The June 5 agreement is the basis for guaranteeing normal elections, reached with the help of our strategic partners, the United States of America, the European Union and the member states of the European Union, Great Britain and the OSCE. They made it clear that the path of consensus is the only way forward in any issue related to the elections and the process of European integration of the country because these two are already linked since March this year, whether in terms of reform, but also in the implementation of what is mutually agreed," said Mr. Basha.

He added that the government only aims to dismantle the opposition coalition with unilateral constitutional changes.

A day earlier, the Socialist-majority parliament approved by 99 votes the amendments to the Electoral Code agreed on June 5 between the Socialist Party and the non-parliamentary opposition.

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared in the hall that the majority was not voting by heart, but as a sign of a necessary compromise, recognizing that the Democrats and their allies are an undeniable political reality.

Votes for the June 5 agreement were also cast by the vast majority of the parliamentary opposition, which in turn received the Socialists' support for constitutional changes, paving the way for open lists and avoiding coalitions in the form of the current organization.

Democrats and their allies have strongly opposed such an act, which they say will have unpredictable consequences for the country's political stability, citing a unilateral decision.

But Prime Minister Edi Rama confirmed that the constitutional changes will be voted on next week in parliament.

The President of Albania, Iliri Meta, assured the European diplomats today that he will immediately decree the amendments to the Electoral Code approved by the parliament, respecting the agreement of June 5.

Mr. Meta made the comments following a meeting with ambassadors from EU member states and the United Kingdom.

President Meta stressed that it is of particular importance to continue working in the Political Council only by consensus and inclusiveness.

"Any unilateral touch of the Constitution will be considered as an unacceptable act that aims to destroy the rule of law, democracy and the European future of Albania" - said President Meta after the meeting with European diplomats.

After this meeting, Mr. Meta held another meeting with the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party Lulzim Basha, with whom he talked again on the immediate enactment of changes to the Electoral Code, which emerged from the June 5 agreement.

The approval of the June 5 Agreement was welcomed by the United States Embassy in Tirana. "This act respects the agreement made by all parties and takes Albania another step forward towards the European Union. "We congratulate all the parties that ensured that the June 5 agreement was reached, respected, and implemented in a comprehensive and transparent manner."

Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi and the Delegation of the European Union in Tirana also welcomed the vote, emphasizing that it "meets one of the main conditions for starting EU membership negotiations, as stated in the Council conclusions of March 25, 2020". According to the EU delegation, "the new legislative provisions will give Albania an electoral framework with higher integrity and transparency standards, based on OSCE / ODIHR recommendations".

The OSCE Office in Tirana also welcomed the parliament's decision, noting that "as with any reform, implementation is key. We remain ready to assist the Albanian authorities in this path, as well as for the development of other steps of reform. "We call on all parties to continue the dialogue for further reforms," ​​the OSCE statement concluded.

Prime Minister Edi Rama participated in the Political Council, where the opposition was absent, and he warned that they would not wait indefinitely. "The agreement between the parliamentary forces will be voted on July 30.", declared Mr. Rama in the parliament.
The Albanian Opposition proposed fully open voter lists The Albanian Opposition proposed fully open voter lists Friday, July 24, 2020 Rating: 5
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