'The time has come for Northern Macedonia to have Albanian Prime Minister', Ahmeti says

 Ali Ahmeti speaking of an Albanian President of North Macedonia
 The President of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti, has officially come out with the request for the election of the first Albanian Prime Minister in Northern Macedonia.

Through a video message on the social network Facebook, Ali Ahmeti, whose party is part of the government, said that after the new elections, an Albanian should be elected prime minister of the country, who, as he said, will be committed to equality of all citizens.

"The first Albanian prime minister will be a prime minister for everyone. A prime minister of equality, for equal jobs, equal pay, equal rights and non-selective justice. For Albanians and for everyone."

"The first Albanian prime minister will lead a new generation of politicians, representing an equal society and leading North Macedonia towards a prosperous future as a member of NATO and the European Union. A prime minister who unifies and who will start a new era, not only in the history of Albania, but also in the history of North Macedonia, and even in the history of Europe", Ahmeti declared, without giving explanations on how he will realize this goal.

Article 90 of the Constitution of Northern Macedonia states that "the President of the Republic entrusts the mandate for the formation of the government to the candidate of the party, affiliation, parties that have the majority in the assembly."

DUI, but also other Albanian political parties have so far never emerged as the first or second winning party in the elections. The mandate to form the government of North Macedonia has been consistently taken by one of the two Macedonian parties: the Social Democratic League (SDSM) or VMRO-DPMNE.

DUI leader Ahmeti, in a speech posted on his Facebook profile, said that the candidate for prime minister should be an acceptable personality for all, so he called on all other parties to support his proposal.

"Now it is the time. It's time to get united. This is a call for all Albanian parties and all Albanian citizens and others to support our cause, which is greater than all of us. Now is the time to make history together", Ahmeti said.

The proposal for the first Albanian prime minister by the DUI in public was presented last week and in his first reaction, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev had stated that he would be the prime minister himself in case of victory in elections, while he warned DUI that with such ideas, not to count that could be part of the new government.

While the Alliance for Albanians, the Albanian opposition party, stated on Tuesday that the DUI's proposal is a consequence of its declining popularity, which it intends to raise it with such proposals.

"Today, (v.j. the leader of the Alliance for Albanians) Ziadin Sela with rating is ahead of Ali Ahmeti. Polls for political parties will also be released soon. So, you see why they are launching the idea of ​​the Albanian Prime Minister, for which the ASH is absolutely not against. But, we ask the question, why in the last six mandates they have never declared this", declared Arben Taravari from the Alliance for Albanians.

Albanians in North Macedonia currently hold one of the three highest state positions, that of parliamentary speaker Talat Xhaferi.
'The time has come for Northern Macedonia to have Albanian Prime Minister', Ahmeti says 'The time has come for Northern Macedonia to have Albanian Prime Minister', Ahmeti says Wednesday, June 10, 2020 Rating: 5
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