Redi Zyka, the successful Albanian actor in Canada

Redi Zyka, the successful Albanian actor in Canada
Redi Zyka sitting in artistic position
 Redi Zyka is one of the Albanians who has managed to realize his dream in Canada. For years, he has had a successful career in cinema. In the interview given to "Gazeta Shqiptare", the actor speaks about his beginnings with sporadic roles, until he was entrusted with bigger projects. Asked about Albania, he said that things are changing for the better in his country. Further, Redi reveals to us how he gives a piece of Albania to the Canadians.

Redi Zyka, the successful Albanian actor in Canada
Redi Zyka on food leaning against the wall
A successful Albanian in Canada, how were your beginnings?

My beginnings have been as a figurative actor. I was initially in an acting agency, the contract with which did not work. I left and signed another contract with the agency that I am to this day.

When did you realize your talent for acting?

I believe I have always had it inside me, but in recent years I have decided to realize it.

What was it like for an Albanian in a distant country like Canada to start the path of art?

Starting the art path has been difficult, I had to take a lot of small steps at first...

Are you prejudiced?

I have never been prejudiced in any aspect of my life in Canada.

How is your acting career, roles entrusted to you, ambitions for the future?

As I said above, the steps at the beginning were small, with small, figurative roles, but time passed and I decided to give up and decided to take on bigger roles. Mostly have been roles in Canadian films, modeling and various commercials.

Have you ever considered leaving Canada for your success as an actor in Albania?

Yes, of course I thought so. I would like to have collaborations in my hometown. I hope will be realized soon.

Is Redi dreaming Hollywood?

Yes, normal dreams are high and ambition makes everything possible.

How are your relations with Albania, how many times do you visit it, what do you like and what do you dislike?

I try to keep in touch with Albania, I visit it often. Albania is changing, that's all I can say.

How much has art changed in Albania, what is it like if we compare it with Canadian art?

Art has developed a lot in recent years in Albania and I like that. Cinematography has advanced a lot.

Do you follow Albanian actors, do you have any advice for them?

I always follow Albanian actors, I think they are very talented. I’m not inside Albanian art, but I follow it as much as I can on television or social media, I certainly can’t compare to Canada. Canada has very advanced art and world actors have emerged from it. But Albania is on the right track.

Your colleagues are curious about our country, how do you present it to them?

Colleagues become very curious about Albania, because they do not often hear about us. I try to share with them our culture and especially our art.

Do you have an idol in cinema that you want to be like?

My idol is Robert De Niro, I want to follow in his footsteps in cinematography.

Redi away from acting, how is your day, passions, free time?

My day is very busy, I try to follow my passions and spend time with my family.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you hadn't become an actor?

I don’t think there would be any change because I have realized all three of my passions, actor, mechanic and boxer.

It is often said that actors are women's favorites, is your wife jealous?

Yes, it’s a bit (laughs), but it’s changing because you’re realizing it’s just art.

What is your biggest pride to date, but the hostage?

My pride is family, especially my little daughter Aira, I have no hostage in my life.
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