Ulcinj is ready to host the tourists, says Deputy Minister Armend Milla

 The Deputy Minister of Tourism in Montenegro, Armend Milla, told KTV Express that are being made preparations for the tourist season in this country, while great importance will be given to protection measures against COVID-19. Montenegro has begun easing measures this week.

"On May 15, restaurants and cafeterias were opened," he added, adding that there were only four active cases of coronavirus in Montenegro.

At the same time, he stressed the importance of tourism for his country.

"We are aware that when the borders are opened, a large number of people will come to Montenegro, so there must be measures. It is clear that the intensity will not be the same as before", he said.

Milla also spoke about safeguards for tourists.

Near the Castle of Ulcinj from above
"In restaurants and cafeterias, the distance should be two meters, while the table should have a maximum of four people. Also, the chaise lounges will be placed at a distance from each other. Ulcinj has the potential to have a capacity of 120,000 people, respecting the measures. "Ulcinj will play a key role in a market like Kosovo," he said.

The deputy minister added that it has not yet been determined whether the tourists will be tested.

"The situation in the region is moving towards stability, so I think in 15-20 days, the situation will be stable. However, the measure of the tests will be analyzed and it will be decided in advance", he declared.

Milla also spoke about the general epidemiological situation in Montenegro. He showed that Wednesday was the 15th day that there were no new COVID-19 cases in Montenegro.

"We were also the last country to come out with the first case of COVID-19. "Through the experience of neighboring countries, we have had the opportunity to react," he said, describing the extremely good management.

Milla was asked about the financial damage to tourism. He said that in recent years, Montenegro has seen a 10-12 percent increase in tourists.

"But in this situation, the financial damage is extremely great. The idea is to work extremely hard, to minimize the damage", said Milla.

He said there will be favorable packages for tourists.

"We are clear that this year there will not be a large number of tourists, but we must pay attention to those who come," he said.
Ulcinj is ready to host the tourists, says Deputy Minister Armend Milla Ulcinj is ready to host the tourists, says Deputy Minister Armend Milla Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Rating: 5
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