Thomas Strakosha infected with coronavirus

 Massimo Brambati, a former Torino and Bari footballer, in a direct Instagram connection with journalist Giovanna Martini, has revealed that the goalkeeper of the Albanian national team, Thomas Strakosha, has been infected by COVID-19, as well as the Milan midfielder, Franck Kessie.

Italian media have highlighted his statement, saying: "There are two players, one from Milan and one from Lazio, who have tested positive for coronavirus. Lazio's one is Strakosha and they say that he has a leg injury. This is not true. He did a test and came out positive.

I don't know about Ibrahimovic's injury, but Milan's Kessie. "Since he returned from Africa with Gervinho, he has also entered the quarantine," said Brambati. Today in Lazio they will perform the second tests and most likely there will be a stamce regarding Strakosha.
Thomas Strakosha infected with coronavirus Thomas Strakosha infected with coronavirus Tuesday, May 26, 2020 Rating: 5
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