Mark Crawford says legalizing medical cannabis in Albania brings many benefits

Mark Crawford says legalizing medical cannabis in Albania brings many benefits
 Mark Crawford in an online interview to ReportTV
 Former President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, Mark Crawford stated that the legalization of cannabis, in addition to benefiting from the treatment of patients, would have a positive effect on the economy, while removing the cultivation from the hands of the mafia.

Crawford in a media interview to ReportTV says that legalizing cannabis redirects the problem and what is now black, starting with employment, translates into taxes afterward.

The former AmCham leader says he had demanded the legalization of cannabis six years ago when the process was only in its infancy in America.

"Today we have 33 states in America that have legalized cannabis, not only medically, but also personally. According to experience, we have seen value for those who have certain diseases," he said.

According to Crawford, it is better to legalize and control cannabis cultivation, using it economically, as it is difficult to zero in on its planting and trafficking.

"It is better to be controlled because it brings economic benefits, because the idea that we will avoid this, does not exist. For me, it is something that Albania can do, care must be taken, but it is positive", says Crawford.

In economic terms, Crawford points out that it is not yet clear how cultivation will be allowed, whether it will be allowed only for the country or export, or limited by license, or for all in small quantities.

But, he continues, when it starts with a license, it's something positive, it's a plus. It is something that is happening but simply the state does not get the benefits it deserves through taxation. That way, he says, we can get it out of the hands of the mafia.

"Legalization does not mean an increase in use, but a decrease, as people look at it from an economic point of view. Those who oppose drug use should not oppose legalization. Starting with cannabis for medicine is a positive thing," Crawford said.

Asked if Albania has the infrastructure to control it, Crawford says we know it is difficult to control, we have seen the situation in Lazarat. So, he says, we need to treat it in a more positive way.

Regarding the benefits that Albania may have and how the legalization of cannabis has affected America, Crawford says that there have been positive effects, several billion have been collected in some countries from taxes.

Crawford says legalizing cannabis could also have an impact on employment. "No sector is salvation, but a bullet to shoot at economic problems. There was a lot of employment in Gjirokastra, but also in Tepelena, Dukagjini and Vlora, but it was employment in the black market, but why not legalize it, pay taxes, be in the system. So that they are within the system", he declared.

Crawford says it's taboo, as people think the drug is being legalized. "I shared the legalization with the use. We have seen a lot of experience in the world, in Singapore, they have said that we will kill you, in other areas, for example in America we have an army and a police force, but we cannot avoid it either. In the beginning, I was also against it", he says.

Regarding the economic situation after COVID-19, Crawford states that Albania has emerged faster than some other countries from the crisis caused by this infection.

"In America, the reaction is piecemeal, every state is different. Albania has done well, we are opening the stages, but we have not yet seen a second wave, I hope we will have overcome this crisis better than others. I believe that we will pass it, at the end of the summer we will have some positive elements". he said..
Mark Crawford says legalizing medical cannabis in Albania brings many benefits Mark Crawford says legalizing medical cannabis in Albania brings many benefits Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Rating: 5
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