'Coronavirus was used to control humans, sell drugs, clean food warehouses and instill fear in humanity,' Albanian alternative doctor pretends

Hetem Ramadani in the studio of Hippocrates show

 The Covid-19 pandemic was used to control humans from large interest groups. This is the opinion of the applicant of alternative medicine, Hetem Ramadani, who has never been isolated.

Invited to the Hippocrates show on Top Channel Ramadani explained that what is really killing people is not actually the virus.

"It's not the virus that is killing us, it's a weak immune system that comes from malnutrition, a misused and burdened lifestyle that makes Covid 19 find space in these bodies. This virus was activated due to the propaganda and the focus given to it in the media.

In America, 1,500 people die every day, according to CNN, due to malnutrition, and they were never told to do a lockdown. The interest groups behind it are pharmaceutical companies, food industries, I'm talking about those that produce junkfood.

And this propaganda forced people to focus on taking all the food reserves of these pharmaceutical and food companies, as a result these two businesses were cleaned up and thrived.

All this pandemic was used to control people and to restrict the freedoms and rights of people, this is an experiment on how a person can be manipulated for the reasons and purposes of interest groups, in my opinion.

Fear is the best tool to achieve quick goals, and pharmaceutical companies, the government, etc. have used human fear to achieve their goals."

Ramadan: Bill Gates is using it for other purposes

"The consequences of the vaccine for Covid 19 will be very severe, the vaccine is proof that it will be used in our body. Among the causes of autism are vaccines, previously there were very few vaccines in circulation, about three, now there are over 11. Now everything is associated with vaccines, but no one tells us the consequences of the vaccine.

In an interview I even talked about the propaganda that Bill Gates is making on vaccines, he is exponentially increasing cancer, autism and other diseases by giving $ 10 billion for the vaccine. Bill Gates is doing a bad thing to humanity. He said in 2018 that we should even reduce the world's population by up to 15% with a vaccine to reduce women's fertility. So in the end the goal is a big game."

Ramadan: I recovered from the virus in February

Ramadani himself confirmed during the interview that he has been through coronavirus since February of this year and that he and his family members have not been isolated at any time.

"I believe I was infected but I didn't feel it, during February, I had a cough and that's it. I think that 70-80% of Albanians have passed it, while world statistics show that most have passed this virus without symptoms. I was not isolated for a second, I had contact with other people, and I never put on a mask. I didn't even isolate my daughter, I took her with me to the supermarket.

I have heard comments on how I am allowing the girl to go to the supermarket. But I, knowing how my daughter feeds and trusting my theory, have not isolated her. My theory and experience were more powerful than the government's level of propaganda to intimidate me," said the alternative doctor.

According to him, isolation will have much more serious psychological consequences than the virus itself.

"The masks they put on us were metaphorical to close our mouths but not for the protective effect, there are many scientific studies that show that the masks were meaningless. Even the respirators killed people and were not used to escape, the respirator creates pressure in the lungs and kills the patients. Vaccine-virus-respiratory, all three of these components created fear in our minds. Isolation will have serious psychological consequences for us. 70% of the deaths that have occurred have been due to isolation during this period. "Our stress, anxiety, and insecurity about a second wave of infection are being maliciously used..
'Coronavirus was used to control humans, sell drugs, clean food warehouses and instill fear in humanity,' Albanian alternative doctor pretends 'Coronavirus was used to control humans, sell drugs, clean food warehouses and instill fear in humanity,' Albanian alternative doctor pretends   Saturday, May 23, 2020 Rating: 5
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