A truck departing from Durrës caught in Bari with 20 kg of cocaine and heroin

 Police in Bari, along with all divisions of the local Provincial Command engaged in inspections prepared by the Public Security Authority to comply with government provisions aimed at preventing the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, have hit an international criminal narcotics case, wiretapping on a large drug shipment.

A truck departing from Durrës caught in Bari with 20 kg of with cocaine and heroin
The narcotics were found in a truck, where it was hidden in a very professional way by the Albanian driver. The driver, 47, had his place of departure from Durrës after declaring the reasons for the trip, or handing over a load

of clothing packages to the provinces of Piacenza and Bergamo accompanied by the self-certification, his body-language showed clearly that something was wrong with the load he had.

Thus the carabinieri immediately activated the anti-drug dogs, who started smelling in the truck, because there were narcotics inside, unlike what the Albanian had said. In this way the control relating to Covid-19 turned to be an action to prevent international criminal drug trafficking groups.

After several hours of searching, a quantity of drugs was found in a truck in a secret location. It was soon discovered that the truck contained 12 kilograms of cocaine and 8.8 kilograms of heroin. After that, the driver of the truck was arrested and taken into custody, respecting the rules of COVID-19. Investigations are underway to identify drug supply channels and routes from where traffickers went to Italy.
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