41-year old Police Officer injured in Peqin Prison, author arrested

41-year old Police Officer injured in Peqin Prison, author arrested
 Police checkpoint in Peqin after the injury of the officer Idajet Paka
An employee of the Peqin high-security prison, a dog instructor, was wounded accidentally by a bullet while on duty inside the premises of the prison.

Idajet Paja, 41, was shot accidentally from outside the prison. The arrested author Gazment Kaseja, 35, who shot at the hills of Progër village with Kalashnikov.

Police sources explain that there were shootings in the village of Progër and that the prison employee was 'caught by a blind" bullet while leaving the prison building. Police found and seized the firearm with which the perpetrator fired into the air in Kaseja's car.

Police sources say Paja was slightly injured and received medical treatment inside the prison, where he is currently being held. The incident happened at around 7.40 pm, according to the police. "An employee of the Peqin Penitentiary Institution, after the first medical aid, is in the institution where he works and is being interrogated by the investigative group," the police announced. Immediately after the event, checkpoints were set up by Police, while the heads of the investigation went to the police and the prosecutor's office.

The clarification of the event was done under the direction of the Peqin Prosecutor's Office and the police.
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