Six Swiss MPs have an appeal for Kosovo politicians

 Six members of the Swiss parliament have condemned the efforts to oust the Kosovo government and in particular the President Hashim Thaci's intention to take over the competencies of Prime Minister Albin Kurti. Through an announcement, they also appealed to LDK chief Isa Mustafa.

These MPs from some parties in Switzerland have voiced concern over recent developments in Kosovo.

"The world has been infected by coronavirus. The situation in the Republic of Kosovo is also serious. As elsewhere in Kosovo, the government has taken drastic measures to firmly restrict the spread of the virus. But we are following with great concern how certain political circles are trying to exploit the crisis to their advantage. We are especially referring to President Hashim Thaci and LDK President Isa Mustafa, whose party is part of the government. We firmly reject the attempt by President Hashim Thaci to declare a state of emergency because of the coronavirus and thus take over the power of the coalition government. Such a request has no basis and would destroy Kosovo's newly-arrived democratic maturity," the MPs said in a joint statement.

They have also appealed to the LDK, which is a coalition partner in the government of Prime Minister Kurti.

"In these tense times we urgently warn against these political games. The overthrow of the popular government would put Kosovo in an uncomfortable political situation at the coronavirus wave,” is their call.

These MPs have called on all political actors to make their contribution in resolving the situation. "The new government has just taken office and so far has given no cause for distrust. On the contrary, this government enjoys great respect in the international arena. If the Kurti government collapsed on stupid pretexts or they were deprived of their powers by emergency orders, then countries like Switzerland would deeply reconsider their assessment and consequently relations with the Republic of Kosovo," they warned.

The statement was signed by Tiana Angelina Moser, MP from the Liberal Green Party (GLP) and Chair of the Foreign Policy Committee; Doris Fiala, Liberal Party MP and co-chair of the Switzerland-Kosovo Parliamentary Group; Cédric Wermuth, MP of the Social Democratic Party and Co-Chair of the Switzerland-Kosovo Parliamentary Group; Fabian Molina, the MP from the Social Democratic Party; Sibel Arslan, MP from the Green Party and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Niklaus-Samuel Gugger, a member of the Evangelical People's Party (EVP) and also a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
Six Swiss MPs have an appeal for Kosovo politicians Six Swiss MPs have an appeal for Kosovo politicians Monday, March 23, 2020 Rating: 5
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