The premiere of Bekim Fehmiu documentary film on June 15 in Prizren

The premiere of Bekim Fehmiu documentary film on June 15 in Prizren
Bekim Fehmiu
 The premiere of the documentary, which began filming in mid-January this year for the well-known Albanian actor Bekim Fehmiu, will be given on June 15 this year in Prizren, on the 10th anniversary of the actor's death.

This is what the team working on this documentary has announced today at a press conference in the lobby of the National Theater in Pristina.

The screenwriter of this documentary is the journalist and publicist who has lived and worked in Belgrade for many years, Fahri Musliu, while the director of this documentary is directed by Valmir Tertini, a director from Gjakova who works and operates in Tirana, where he also completed the studies.

Through the statements of Beakim's colleagues and friends, as well as members of his family, the documentary will bring to life the work of the greatest Albanian film actor of the last century, who gained worldwide fame.

According to director Tertini, the filming started in Belgrade and will continue in the hometown of Bekim, in Sarajevo, and then in Zagreb, Prizren, Tirana, Skopje, Cannes, New York, and many other places.

"Bekim has made 15 films in Italy and we will also go to Rome to shoot," Tertini said.

Screenwriter Musliu announced the premiere of this documentary is scheduled for June 15 this year, on the 10th anniversary of Bekim Fehmiu's death in Prizren, the city where the great actor grew up.

"One day after its premiere in Prizren, the film will be screened in Tirana and Belgrade, and then in other centers in Kosovo, but also in Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina and Croatia, because there is great interest in this film," said Musliu.

Musliu said the first shootings began after lengthy preparations and insufficient funds, because "the Kosovo Cinema Center was not interested in funding this film, but it is the National Cinema Center of Albania".

However, the team hopes to succeed in obtaining additional funding from the Kosovo Ministry of Culture, as well as from cultural institutions from Serbia and other countries in the region.

The production house that makes the film is "Cinemania" from Tirana.

Bekim Fehmiu was an Albanian actor from Kosovo. He was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina on June 1, 1936, and died on June 15, 2010, in Belgrade, Serbia. He comes from a well-known family in Gjakova.

He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and in the '60s and' 70s he became famous with several films, including "Butterfly Collectors" which received the Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival.

Fehmiu stopped acting in protest against the anti-Albanian propaganda in 1987, and according to earlier statements, he was reported to have committed suicide in his Belgrade apartment. His ashes were released into the river of the city of Prizren, where he had spent part of his childhood, according to his wish.
The premiere of Bekim Fehmiu documentary film on June 15 in Prizren The premiere of Bekim Fehmiu documentary film on June 15 in Prizren Thursday, February 13, 2020 Rating: 5
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