Successful Albanian-Canadian scholar Florida Doci addresses Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau: I feel broken that you embrace and praise Edi Rama!

 Florida Doci and Justin Trudeau
 Her name is Florida Doci. She is a successful Albanian-Canadian researcher at the University of Ottawa. He has been living in Canada for over 10 years and feels fortunate to be living in this country full of opportunities and the tremendous opportunities he has provided. Florida is grateful to Canada where she feels at home today but does feel broken and ashamed when the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hugs and praises the Albanian Prime Edi Rama.

To express her stance Florida Daci decides to address with an Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, which we are forwarding to the reader:

Dear Honourable Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau

My trust in your leadership has been broken, and I am ashamed that you chose to hug and praise a bully like Mr. Edi Rama

My name is Florida Doci, and I am a researcher at the University of Ottawa. I have lived in Canada for over 10 years, and consider myself lucky for the incredible opportunities that this country has given me. I am truly grateful to call Canada my home today.

I have been a strong supporter of your leadership for many years. I have volunteered my time during electoral campaigns knocking on doors and picking up calls, I have helped out at the constituency office of my riding, and I have been a vocal supporter in my circles both online and offline. It has not always been easy to convince people that you are a good choice for Canada, but through it all, I have remained a strong advocate.

Today, however, I was disappointed when I saw your meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama of Albania at the Munich Security Conference. Following a very friendly hug and a photo-op, you called Mr. Rama a friend. As Mr. Rama also recognized during his response, you have a strong influence in the world, and your hug and praise go a long way for Mr. Rama and his government. Hence, I was surprised by your actions and choice of words, which in my opinion reflect a troubling lack of knowledge with regards to Mr. Rama’s actions and governing style.

Were you aware that Mr. Rama controls all levels of the government in Albania, the Parliament, and the judicial system, effectively running a one-party autocratic state? When the Albanian opposition walked out from the Parliament in protest of Mr. Rama sidestepping lawmakers and the judicial system, Mr. Rama took control over the Parliament by filling up the seats with his own supporters. Mr. Rama dismantled Albania’s highest court (Constitutional Court) only to have it later reinstated and lead by two handpicked supporters, in violation of the Albanian Constitution [2]. Last year, Mr. Rama went on to hold an undemocratic one-party election in blatant violation of Presidential decrees [3]. Candidates from Mr. Rama’s party ran unopposed and are now in control of local governments across the country. Mr. Rama has also created his own police force to control and intimidate his opponents.

Were you aware that Mr. Rama has passed a law effectively muzzling the media in Albania? Indeed, Mr. Rama has been very vocal about his dislike of free press and has revoked access or expelled media members from many public events, he has threatened to imprison journalists who speak up against him, he has arrested media members and has unfairly shut-down any media that has tried to preserve free speech.

Were you aware that artists and citizens in Albania have been protesting daily for over 24 months against the demolition of Albania’s National Theatre? The National Theatre is a heritage building sitting in a prime location in the capital city, Tirana. Mr. Rama has decided to privatize the land through corrupt practices. He has gone so far as to intimidate and
arrest many protesters time after time.

Were you aware that Mr. Rama has appointed as speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mr. Gramoz Ruci, a former member of the Party of Labour of Albania and former Interior Minister during the dictatorial regime? Mr. Ruci is single-handedly responsible for the violent acts perpetrated by the regime against young protesters who sought a democratic regime through non-violent demonstrations in 1990-1992. Prior to the fall of the communist government, he also ordered the burning of thousands of incriminating secret service documents thus actively covering up heinous crimes perpetrated by the communist regime in Albania. Indeed, the Museum of Secret Surveillance in Tirana has a display dedicated to Mr. Ruci and highlights him as one of the darkest figures in Albanian history for his involvement against the student movement in the 90s. Were you aware that Mr. Rama has also appointed Mr. Skender Gjinushi as head of the Albanian Academy of Science? Mr. Gjinushi was also a former member of the Party of Labour of Albania, former Minister of Education during the dictatorial regime and a known collaborator of the Security Police during communism.

I could go on, but I believe it is clear by now that Mr. Rama is not the kind of man you should hug, praise or call a friend. Since Mr. Rama came to power, his government has been at the center of multiple scandals revealing strong ties to organized crime and mafia. At least two ministers of his government and multiple members of Mr. Rama’s party have resigned due to their involvement in drug trafficking, rampant corruption, and other forms of organized crime [10]. Just yesterday Mr. Rama, publicly stated that he will continue to remain friends and support Mr. Vangjush Dako, former mayor of Durres who was publicly designated by the US Department of State for his involvement in significant corruption. Mr. Rama has similarly stood by all other members in his party or government who have been involved in similar crimes, effectively becoming a supporter and accomplice in criminal activity and abuse of power. 60% of Albanians seek to leave the country as a result of the system that Mr. Rama has installed in the country, and the number of emigrants grows every year. Over 30,000 Albanians live in Canada today – many of them have left Albania as a result of violence, economic insecurity and poverty, violation of human rights, and social and political instability perpetrated by regimes like the one Mr. Rama has reinstated in Albania since 2013. As an Albanian-Canadian, I am thrilled to see Canada support the people of Albania in times of need. Indeed, I myself travel frequently to Albania to give lectures, conduct research, support NGOs and charity organizations and share the Canadian values in a country so desperately in need of allies and true democracy. I wish you had stood up for the rights and needs of these people, which are currently being violated by the person you chose to hug.

I cannot in good conscious support anyone who considers Mr. Rama a friend or supports Mr. Rama’s regime. I want to be proud of my government’s actions, and today I am not! My trust in your leadership has been broken, and I am ashamed that you chose to hug and praise a bully like Mr. Rama.

Dear Prime Minister, with all due respect I believe that you owe a genuine and sincere apology to Albanian-Canadians who make a tremendous contribution to our country, and whose trust, like mine, you broke today. You also owe a sincere apology to Albanians in Albania, whose hopes you have quashed today by embracing a man that doesn’t deserve to be called a leader.

I hope you will take the opportunity to reflect on this event and choose your words wisely to represent Canadians and our values in the future.


Florida Doci Ph.D. (c), MSc, BSc, BA
Successful Albanian-Canadian scholar Florida Doci addresses Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau: I feel broken that you embrace and praise Edi Rama! Successful Albanian-Canadian scholar Florida Doci addresses Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau: I feel broken that you embrace and praise Edi Rama! Saturday, February 15, 2020 Rating: 5
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