German Diplomat Hans Joachim Falenski awarded with Knight of the Scanderbeg Order by Albanian President

German Diplomat Hans Joachim Falenski awarded with Knight of the Scanderbeg Order by Albanian President
Hans Joachim Falenksi and Ilir Meta 
 The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, awarded the title of the Knight of the Scanderbeg Order the Foreign Policy Adviser of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Hans Joachim Falenski.

Addressing those present at the solemn ceremony, including Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha, politicians, diplomats and representatives of civil society, the President of the Republic underlined the pleasure of awarding a special and genuine friend of Albania and Albanians.

“I am very happy that today we are organizing this award ceremony for a special and true friend of Albania, Mr. Hans Joachim Falenksi.

Mr. Falenski has been closely following Albania's European integration process for more than 9 years, and is one of the best acquaintances of both Albania and the European integration process.

He has helped Albania throughout these years to clearly understand that European integration does not go through lobbying, but through European standards of governance, the rule of law, the functioning of institutions, respect for fundamental human rights, and so on.

I am convinced that Mr. Falenski is one of Albania's true friends because he has upheld the European standard all this time, and no other standard.

It is no coincidence that the position of the German Bundestag has been and remains the most realistic one for Albania.

No one has been able to contest this attitude as biased, unreasonable, or discriminatory towards Albania. This is simply because the Bundestag's position is the mirror where we look at the real situation we are in and the major challenges we have to face.

I would like to appreciate the Bundestag's principled, sincere, integrity and direct attitude for full support for Albania's European integration process, as well as the 9 priorities set for concrete, credible and sustainable results in the path of reforms that are key to democracy, the rule of law and serving the citizens of my country.

This attitude is also a product of Mr. Falenski's work with the larger CDU / CSU political group, providing German support for Albania's European integration based on better and honest recognition of the situation by Bundestag MPs.

It is unfortunate that the Bundestag councils that preceded the October European Council meeting did not find the proper reflection.

But it is already revolting that the ensuing months, instead of serving a responsible reflection and fostering a cooperative climate, were used to continue the provocations and path of anti-constitutionality and lawlessness in the country.

I invite all true friends of Albania to see the truth in their eyes and to help the Albanian people build their own European future in their country.

I am confident that Germany, not only as a leader of the European Union but also as our strategic partner, will be genuinely close to us in this cause that has the greatest national support.

Take the opportunity to thank Germany for the assistance provided during the Donors' Conference in support of the Albanian citizens affected by the November earthquake.

I am also confident that Mr. Falenski and our friends in the Bundestag will continue to support Albania's European path, to full and well-deserved membership.

With this confidence and 'With gratitude for the valuable contribution to the strengthening of strategic relations between Albania and Germany, the deepening of inter-parliamentary cooperation, and in particular the achievement of European standards of democracy and the rule of law during Albania's European integration process', I am pleased to grant Mr. Falenski the title "Knight of the Order of Skanderbeg" Skanderbeg defined Albania's European future several centuries ago and we cannot lose it today. We need you and the true European friends!” - said the President of the Republic.
German Diplomat Hans Joachim Falenski awarded with Knight of the Scanderbeg Order by Albanian President German Diplomat Hans Joachim Falenski awarded with Knight of the Scanderbeg Order by Albanian President Wednesday, February 26, 2020 Rating: 5
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