Africans and Asians may find it easier to work in Albania in near future

 Getting a visa for all those who want to come to Albania not only as tourists but also to work will be easier.

This after the government has approved a bill, which will be voted on Wednesday in the plenary session and proposes changes to the legislation enabling for the visa to be received in 30 days out of 60 days that is currently.

The justification for the relief of visas is because Albania lacks the manpower to cope with the post-earthquake reconstruction. But also the shortage of workers in other sectors of the economy.

"This proposal comes based on a preliminary analysis of the damage caused by the earthquake of November 26, 2019, and the workforce in the country, it is considered that there is insufficient manpower to enable recovery from a natural disaster within a reasonable period of time." said the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama.

The commanded  Durrës Mayor Zhyljen Varfaj expressed this concern to Prime Minister Rama today.

But according to the parliamentary opposition MP Mr. Ralf Gjoni, is what of what is said in the report is untrue because the bill began to be drafted before the earthquake.

Those who benefit most from this law are the citizens of Asia, Africa and South American countries, for whom the procedures will be greatly facilitated.

“Citizens of countries that need visas and apply for visas are from other continents, where the Republic of Albania has very little representation.

In practice, the Asian, African and South American continents are covered by a representative body, with different nationalities from across the continent where the representation is applied.

In these conditions, when our country cannot significantly increase the number of representations on other continents, offering on-line procedures remains the only alternative for a fast and reasonable service”, said Mr. Ralf Gjoni.

According to Gjoni, the government's priority should be the employment of Albanians, not filling the void left by foreign nationals.

With the new changes, foreign nationals can apply online without having to show up at the embassy.
Africans and Asians may find it easier to work in Albania in near future Africans and Asians may find it easier to work in Albania in near future Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Rating: 5
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