Turkey supports the Albanian Police with equipment

 The Albanian police continue to be assisted by Turkey, donating recently various equipment and tools especially to the Rapid Intervention Forces (RIF).

During his visit to Albania, the Deputy Minister of Interior of Turkey, Mehmet Ersoy, met with the Minister of Interior, Sandër Lleshaj, as well as with the directors of the General Directorate of Police of Albania, while attending the handover ceremony of Turkish Aid to the RIF, which are part of the Albanian Police.

The Deputy Minister of Interior of Turkey, Mehmet Ersoy, in his speech at the ceremony attended by the Turkish Ambassador to Tirana, Murat Ahmet Yörük and the General Director of the Albanian Police, Ardi Veliu, organized in the Department of Rapid Intervention Tirana said that he is happy that he is visiting this country to help Albania.

 Mehmet Ersoy
"We have a popular saying: The heart requires neither tea nor the stove, but the heart requires love and respect. For us, this ceremony is a cause that unites us and at the same time this meeting is in the continuation of solidarity and staying close to each other when we always need, as the people of the same geography,” said Ersoy.

“I wish you could use this aid kit on good days, always eliminating or minimizing the bad. We do not see help as a gift, but what we need to understand clearly is that we share brotherly feelings with one another. What you need to know very well is that if we are safe, you also have to be safe and vice versa." Ersoy added.

“Since we are part of this geography and share the same fate we are forced to live in solidarity. Success in your duties to provide the people with maximum security, and especially when it comes to terrorist organizations, which directly affect the security of the community or state, citing the FETO terrorist organization, which is already a virus for the nation and the states. other,” said the Turkish Deputy Interior Minister.

In his speech at the ceremony, Albania's General Director of Police, Ardi Veliu, thanked the Turkish Government, who, as he said, "for helping us to increase the logistical capacity of the Albanian police".

 "Today we have the first piece of assistance that the Turkish government has prepared to logistically support the Albanian Police."

“We have a contingent of 6 armored vehicles and 10 'Land Rover' vehicles as it is a significant aid in terms of clothing that special forces will use, including the headgear, shields and a range of other elements that will make it easier for them to use this equipment,” Veliu said.

Deputy Turkish Minister Ersoy also met with Albanian Police officials and representatives of Turkish institutions in Albania.

Turkish Interior Ministry assistance includes vehicles, gas guns, various protective equipment, bulletproof vests and other miscellaneous equipment to be used by the Rapid Intervention Forces.

On the other hand, the Albanian State Police commemorated the 107th anniversary of its creation through many official activities and ceremonies in Tirana and various cities.

Ardi Veliu speaking
"The 107th anniversary of the State Police comes with the finalization of the project of the modern section for the elite police forces, which after 30 years will finally have the same conditions as their counterparts in Europe."

This is what Prime Minister Edi Rama stated at the inauguration of the new premises of the new RENEA Special Forces unit.

“On January 13, 1913, less than two months after the founding of the Albanian state, the first independent Albanian state institution, the State Police, was formed. 'Such officers need to be recruited and the work of the gendarmerie and the police to be learned in honest and trained hands. Choose gendarmes and police with great care, a tight rule. ' This was the message of Ismail Qemali, which is a message that has no expiration date because being honest and trained is the 'A' of every State Police,” Rama said.

“RENEA is a force of pride and an example to be followed by everyone who demonstrates that is absolutely possible for us to aim at the entire perimeter of the State Police to have standards of professional conduct that are similar to those of European police.", said further Edi Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania.
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