Serbian products fill Albanian markets, at a cheaper price

 Serbian products are increasingly being added to the Albanian market. Although at extra costs, such as transport and customs, these products compete in terms of price with Albanian products and are often cheaper than domestic ones.

It is enough to make an observation in our markets and what is striking is the fact that products of Serbian origin are everywhere, even served at a lower cost than Albanian products. This is observed mainly in dairy products.

But milk is not the only product that is cheaper to export than domestic products. Even these 1-liter boxes of fruit juices have a price difference. The Albanian product costs 10 ALL more than the Serbian one. Like this case, there are dozens. Although transport and customs are being added, and at an additional cost, Serbian products come to the Albanian market at a cheaper price than domestic products.

Serbian products fill Albanian markets, at a cheaper price

The Secretary of the Albanian Producers Association, Mr. Arben Shkodra, explains the phenomenon better.

“In general, foreign products, of course, come cheaper and easier in the Albanian market for a reason; the respective governments have in mind what they need to do internally, within their system, both fiscal and procedural in terms of access, to have their products in other markets,” said Mr. Shkodra to Euronews Albania.

Shkodra shows that in Serbia, the farmer finds it easier to access the foreign market than in Albania.

“The Serbian state has a policy and an approach to the totally different from what we have. That is, we start from the way farming is handled there, the way farming is handled, the procedures they follow to get to see the raw material directly at the factory and the process, and how the processes are handled,” he said.

Traders, on the other hand, point out that Serbian products have been massively increased recently, while prices are more or less the same.

"Prices are more or less the same, not to say they come cheaper," said one trader.

"There has been a lot of growth lately," said another trader.

Albanian producers have recently faced market shortages, and farmers' protests have also been absent. Shkodra proposes his solution to the situation of producers.

"Clear industrial policies, another fiscal approach to taxation makes producers go to other markets easier," he said.
Serbian products fill Albanian markets, at a cheaper price Serbian products fill Albanian markets, at a cheaper price Friday, January 31, 2020 Rating: 5
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