New US Ambassador Yuri Kim arrives in Tirana

Yuri Kim in Tirana
 The new Ambassador of the United States of America, Yuri Kim, has arrived today in Albania.

Kim will officially take office in Tirana on January 30.

We remind that during questioning by the US Senate, Donald Trump's nominee said she would support the ongoing of reforms in Albania.

“We will encourage Albania in its reforms. We will support the establishment of SPAK and BKH. I will support the strengthening of the law. I will work to fight organized crime,” said US Ambassador to the US Yuri Kim.

Yuri Kim is the first Korean-American woman to represent the US as an ambassador and the first person from the US territory of Guam to serve in such a post. She was born in Korea and raised on the island of Guam, a U.S. territory in the Pacific Ocean.

She has served in the State Department as Director of the Office of Southern European Affairs, Director of the State Department's Center for the Study of Diplomacy, Chief of Staff for Deputy Secretary of State, and Director of the Office for European Security and Political-Military Affairs.
New US Ambassador Yuri Kim arrives in Tirana New US Ambassador Yuri Kim arrives in Tirana Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Rating: 5
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