From Homeless to Hollywood, the story of the Albanian Tony J. Selimi

 Tony J. Selimi
 Gostivar Albanian Tonny J. Selimi is internationally recognized as a life counselor and bestselling author of guidebooks and motivational books. Recently he is reaping success with the documentary Living My Illusion, produced in collaboration with British actor Joel Van der Molen.

The documentary is centered on the story of Joel, who tells the truths of his life to Tony, the trainer who tries to give another twist to his client's fate.

So far, Living My Illusion has received several international awards such as Best Documentary at the International Film Festival in Cardiff, as well as Best History at the International Film Festival in Amsterdam and many other European countries, up to Hollywood.

"During the 30 years of this work I've had collaborations with organizations like Microsoft, CEOs, celebrities. Recently, along with two of my clients, we have created a documentary that has received over 15 world awards and there we share the purpose of this documentary that is the worldwide inspiration of people who forget to listen to themselves and conform to their values." Selimi said to Euronews Albania.

And yet, the paths to success have been numerous in the life of the person today giving motivational speeches all over the world. In 1990, when Tony left for London, he was homeless. He was able to integrate quickly and in 1998 closed his studies at University College London in for Engineering, continuing with a successful career in IT.

Advisory books "A Path To Wisdom" and "#Loneliness" are considered best sellers on the Amazon online site. According to Tony, consulting with an expert is important to achieving success.

“Success is not a 'text message'. Anyone who thinks it is simply illusory. All successful people have an expert to consult with. In everyday life if one wants to fix the car goes to the expert. We do not undertake to fix it ourselves because we do not have the knowledge. Even though we have many things in ourselves, we need a man who has had many accomplishments in what we want to develop in ourselves in order to give us a different opinion. We cannot become a mirror of ourselves. That's why they created the mirror,” Tony said.

According to the author of motivational books, everyone has the right capacity to succeed, but working to achieve results makes the difference. He also talks about the importance of energy exchange between people.

"In the nucleus we are an atom, we are an energy, and each atom when it creates different molecules in the body has a blueprint and a specific energy that sends a message to someone else. When it comes to illness, it is a blockage of energy in the human body, but also a blockage of psychology. The brain is a transmitter and receiver of daily information. We find this strange. When we give a common man a phone he knows there will be internet but he does not see the rays that bring all that information online. In the air we have trillions of information. Even the human body accepts these every day. That is why some people do not have emotional balance and do not know why. They go home and do not know why they are excited, why they are stressed. Through our senses we receive trillions of pieces of information every day that our body has to process."

The 50-year-old's future plans of the Albanian are linked to the new Living My Illusion documentary series and the books he is expected to bring soon in the market.
From Homeless to Hollywood, the story of the Albanian Tony J. Selimi From Homeless to Hollywood, the story of the Albanian Tony J. Selimi Tuesday, January 07, 2020 Rating: 5
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