Ayatollah attacks Albania? "A small but very treacherous European country plotted against us"

 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the Islamic Republic of Iran should recognize its enemies, implying that Albania is among them. In a speech honoring the killed General Qasem Soleimani, Khamenei said that in a small European state they had tried to plot against Iran.

"In a European country, a small European country but very treacherous, a number of Iranian mercenaries and traitors joined some foreigners and tried to conspiracy against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the scheme was the same, to raise fuel prices, and people to protest,” Khamenei said, without mentioning Albania's name.

It is not known exactly of what conspiracy Ayatollah is talking about. There is a camp in our country that is home to some 3,000 members of the Iranian opposition organization Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), and on December 20, 2019, the Albanian state expelled the Iranian ambassador, Gholamhossein Mohammadnia, and a diplomat from the embassy for violating national security.

In October last year, Albanian Police announced the discovery of an active terrorist cell of the Iranian QUDS Forces External Operations Unit. At that time the Police Director Ardi Veliu said that this terrorist cell is also responsible, among other things, for its March 2018 plan to carry out a terrorist act during the celebrations of the Nevruz Holiday, attended by high-level members of the Iranian opposition organization of MEK, a plan that was prevented by increased State Police measures, thanks to accurate information.

 While the Foreign Ministry of Albania has responded by a statement following Iran's threats calling Albania a hellish country supporting their enemies.

In the report, it is said the travel to Iran and Iraq should be avoided.

After recent events occurred

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania calls on all Albanian citizens to avoid traveling to the Middle East in countries with high tensions, Iran, Iraq.

Albanian citizens currently in Iran or Iraq who need assistance are kindly requested to contact the Embassies of the Republic of Albania in Kuwait and Turkey at:

Kuwait City:

Mobile: +96594048219

Office Phone: +965 2524 0627,

E-mail: embassy.kuwait@mfa.gov.al


Embassy of the Republic of Albania to the State of Kuwait

Salam Area, Block 7, Street 717, Villa 4, Kuwait

P.O.Box. 3090, Safat-13031, Kuwait State

Turkey (Ankara)

Tel: +90 312 441 61 03/04

Mobile: +90 549 561 1985)

Email: embassy.ankara@mfa.gov.al


Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Ankara

Adress: Abu Ziya Tevfik sok. No.17 Çankaya / Ankara

Tel: 0090 312 441 61 03

Fax: 0090 312 441 61 09
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