Five-month-old twins die in Berat

 A serious incident occurred today in Berat, where twin babies just five-months-old have died.

While the director of the Berat Regional Hospital, Edlira Shkembi, has reacted to the incident. The latter shows of how the event happened and the actions that took place.

“Today at around 10:00 am two twin children (boys) aged 4 to 5 months living in the Uznovo neighborhood, accompanied by their mother, showed up at the Pediatric Service. The pediatrician reports that the children were both without vital signs when they arrived at the hospital and could have had 1 hour of death.

In these conditions, the doctor has simply confirmed the death without being able to provide medical assistance. The children have not been hospitalized before, and we do not have any background or health information. The children were transferred to the Hospital Mortuary. Forensic medicine and police were immediately summoned to find the cause of death,” said Berat Hospital Director Edlira Shkembi.
Five-month-old twins die in Berat Five-month-old twins die in Berat Sunday, January 26, 2020 Rating: 5
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