BILD: Albanian opposition leader Lulzim Basha got at least € 75,000 to use against Albania's EU integration

 Lulzim Basha
 One of the largest German newspapers - Bild - has dedicated a special article about the $ 675,000, the Democratic Party of Albania lobbying in the US and the origin of money. 

Despite setbacks, Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama still hopes to lead his country to the EU. In his own country, he also meets resistance. The Albanian opposition led by the Democratic Party of Albania (DPA), is trying with all its might to overthrow the socialist prime minister.

Not only democratic means are used: Dubious Internet campaigns, leaked documents and compromising recordings are deliberately scattered. It is apparently one of the most influential lobbyists in the world, according to BILD.

According to the US Department of Justice documents, the Canadian political strategist Nick Muzin supports Albania's opposition.

Muzin's networks extend across all borders and into a wide variety of political systems. The list of clients associated with him is impressive.

He supported the Republicans George W. Bush, Ted Cruz, John McCain and even Donald Trump in the US election campaign. In 2017 he was hired by the Gulf State of Qatar. On behalf of the Emir, he was to improve the Arab country's relations with the Trump delegation and with the Jewish community in the United States.

The mission failed. Because Muzin did not register with the United States Department of Justice agency FARA as an adviser to a foreign state, he had to resign from Qatar.

So now the next client: The Albanian opposition, which wants to prevent Albania's admission to the EU under the current prime minister with all its might - and obviously costs Muzin's effort a lot.

675,000 euros for anti-EU use

According to documents from the US agency FARA, Muzin was to receive 675,000 euros for its three-month mission. The information comes from himself.

The amount of the fee and the origin of the money now put the client in need. Lulzim Basha, leader of the Albanian Democratic Party, had signed the contract with Muzin.

A fee of $ 25,000 was agreed three times. However, much more was paid. For this reason, investigations into opposition leader Basha were launched in Albania in June. He himself denies that he has misappropriated money or not taxed it, speaks of a dirty campaign and accuses the accusers of being corrupt.

But where did the money for Muzin come from?

The following is on file: Muzin himself confirmed the payment of the funds to the US authority FARA. In a later FARA report, the company that appeared as the client was a company that shares its mailbox on St. Vincent Street in Edinburgh, Scotland with 1200 other companies: the Biniatt Trade LP. The traces of the Biniatt Trade lead once around the world: from Scotland via the South American Belize - and from there to Russia.

Despite this global ramification, the company has less money than any mini-start-up: According to the British business register, Biniatt Trade has a share capital of £ 100.

What the US magazine "Mother Jones" unveiled in the middle of the year brings the Albanian DPA and its opposition leader Lulzim Basha to further explanation difficulties. Because behind Biniatt Trade is a nested company network - at the end of which there are several influential business people from Russia. One of them is Evgeny Sheremetyev. He owns shares in several Russian companies. At least one of them receives orders from the Russian government.

BILD: Albanian opposition leader Lulzim Basha got € 675,000 from Russians to use against Albania's EU integration

For the head of government, the matter is clear

For the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, it is clear evidence that Russia is behind the efforts of the top lobbyist Nick Muzin. In fact, Russia has little interest in Albania's rapprochement with the EU. Albania's accession would further weaken the Russians' influence in the Balkans.

In an official statement, the Albanian Democratic Party said: "The Democratic Party has had no direct or indirect links with Russian individuals or companies."

A statement that is hardly illuminating given the documented connections between the DPA, the top lobbyist and Russian businesspeople.

Nevertheless, the dubious machinations were successful: The EU representation warned the opposition early on that its parliamentary boycott and the resulting domestic destabilization could seriously endanger Albania's path to the EU.
BILD: Albanian opposition leader Lulzim Basha got at least € 75,000 to use against Albania's EU integration BILD: Albanian opposition leader Lulzim Basha got at least € 75,000 to use against Albania's EU integration Sunday, January 19, 2020 Rating: 5
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