33 Kurdish clandestine coming from Albania caught in Italy?

33 Kurdish-Iraqi and Kurdish-Iranian immigrants, some of whom were women and children, were captured by the Italian authorities in Salento.

The speedboat had a week traveling by sea and coming from the Albanian coast, as the most Albanian media reports.

 Some of the illegal immigrants were at risk of hypothermia after being dampened by the water while among the detainees were some unaccompanied minors, two women or a couple with two children - 5 and 9 years old.

The entire group of captured Kurds was taken to the Don Tonino Belli Center in Otranto.

But on the other hand, according to Albanian police, the migrants captured in the Italian state have not been departed from the Albanian territory, while the migrants are suspected to have been traveling from Turkey to Greece and further to Italy.

In fact, it is illogical ta have been traveled for one week on the sea and to have been departed from Albania having in mind that the Italian shore is at most 70 miles from Albania.

Police notification:

State Police - Media Clarification

In response to media interest in the news of the capture of 33 Kurdish and Iraqi migrants in the Salento area, Italy, the State Police say:

There is no evidence or evidence that the vessel has been departed from the Albanian land.

Also, there is no official communication or statement by the Italian police forces or any other institution that the migrant vehicle departed from Albania.

The earlier suspicions by the Italian authorities, also given the citizenship of the migrants, are suspected that they may have traveled from Turkey, via Greece, to Italy.

The State Police remains committed to combating and attacking any attempted trafficking of human beings or any other lawlessness.

State Police, taking advantage of this communication, asks the media to contact the Police for official and accurate information, to avoid misinformation of the public.
33 Kurdish clandestine coming from Albania caught in Italy? 33 Kurdish clandestine coming from Albania caught in Italy? Sunday, January 05, 2020 Rating: 5
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