Switzerland removes anonymity for bank accounts from Albania, corrupt politicians' names expected

 Switzerland has 'sunk' the Albanian authorities who have hidden the money from corruption in its banks. This country is known for keeping bank accounts secret and has been used by personalities around the world to deposit millions and millions of euros there. There are also many Albanian politicians on the list of government officials who have earned the money illegally in Switzerland, who have taken advantage of the fact of the anonymity and have hidden their money. 

Swiss parliament approved yesterday the automatic exchange of banking data with other countries, including Albania, starting in 2021. On the proposal of the House of Representatives, the Swiss Senate approved the decision to exchange banking financial information with 18 countries worldwide. including Albania. The Albanian authorities will be able to obtain banking information for Albanian citizens in Switzerland starting from 2021, and vice versa, so Switzerland will be able to obtain banking information for its citizens who have accounts in banks operating in Albania. The information provided by the Albanian authorities is thought to help in investigating corruption at the highest levels of administration and politics.

Accounts hid in Switzerland

 Switzerland is the paradise of concealing the wealth of the corrupted politicians. To date, this country receives financial data from 75 countries worldwide and provides banking data to 63 of them. The Swiss authorities have stated that they have provided details of about 3.1 million foreigners' bank accounts to their home authorities and received information on about 2.4 million accounts held by Swiss citizens in 75 countries around the world. Switzerland is one of the countries considered paradise for hiding monetary values, mainly the money that is a source of illegal activities for senior officials and corrupt politicians, as well as organized crime. Besides Albania, the countries included in the list are Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Rep. Dominican, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macao, Maldives, Nigeria, Niue, Oman, Peru, Samoa, Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vanuatu.

Money laundering index

According to international reports, most of the corruption money has gone to Malta and Switzerland. This is because before 2013 most of this money went to the banks of Cyprus. But in 2013 the island has been engulfed by the severe financial crisis that led to the bank blocking. The crisis scared off many officials, not just Albanians, but others who tried to get their millions but found it impossible to get them all. A European Union decision not to secure deposits in Cypriot banks shocked Albanian officials at the time, who had deposited corruption money in those banks. Eurozone finance ministers stated at the time that they could not guarantee any deposits over 100,000 euros in Cyprus. At that time it was reported that there were attempts to withdraw the money, with one part is taken and another part lost in those banks. For this reason, a lot of money has gone to Swiss banks.
Switzerland removes anonymity for bank accounts from Albania, corrupt politicians' names expected Switzerland removes anonymity for bank accounts from Albania, corrupt politicians' names expected Friday, December 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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