Greece expels the Libyan Ambassador

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will call the Libyan ambassador and give him at disposal two days to leave Greece after failing to submit the Turkish-Libyan Maritime Agreement to Greek authorities.

The expulsion of the Libyan ambassador will be initiated by the Foreign Ministry, which has asked him to submit the text of the Turkey-Libya Memorandum of Understanding on maritime areas to date. The Libyan ambassador did not submit the text of the agreement within the deadline set for him. The Foreign Ministry is aware of the agreement, but not by official means.

The foreign ministry is expected to speed up the deportation process by declaring the ambassador persona non grata and allowing him two days to leave the country on the current basis.

Following confirmation of the Turkey-Libya Memorandum, Greece's foreign minister had called on the Libyan ambassador to express the government's deep concern over the developments, sending an ultimatum to announce the contents of the memorandum, which is treated by the Greek authorities as undesirable person.
Greece expels the Libyan Ambassador Greece expels the Libyan Ambassador Thursday, December 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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