France against Albania without Coman, Deschamps: Albanians have beaten us once

France against Albania without Coman, Deschamps: Albanians have beaten us once
 Albanian national team will host France tomorrow evening at the new stadium - Air Albania. This match coincides with the latest challenge of the Euro 2020 qualifiers. While from the French part, Raphael Varane and coach Deschamps spoke to the media, who have confirmed a huge absence for their team.

Kinsgsley Coman is injured and will not be at tomorrow's meeting. Good news for our national team, as a player like Coman could open up some problems.

France coach Didier Deschamps said at a press conference that his team is coming to Albania to secure the first place. "Albania plays at home in an inaugural opening match. They will manifest for their sports traditions and values. They have good players of high quality as they also play in championships or strong teams. Even France has been beaten once by Albania at the Elbasan Arena with a score of 1-0″, he said.

“The lottery is a lottery, I couldn't claim an easier or more difficult group. But anyway, we have to work to beat the others. We come with the intention of holding first place in the group. All players want to play tomorrow, but the important thing is to play those who are more in shape. Changes can happen though I have some time to reflect, but the players on the field need to be in shape. We can't have revenge for the match against Moldova. The first part to them was difficult. We will play against a motivated team tomorrow. I say my team will do a good job, the roosters' technician said.

France's defender Raphael Varane appeared before coach Didier Deschamps at the press conference on the challenge with Albania. “In the match against Moldova, in the first half we were static, but we had to change. Tomorrow we think to be more dynamic in our game. We are motivated to win the game. I will say that tomorrow we will be mobilized. In the match you also happen to be disappointed,” said Varane.

“The time has been short and we had nothing to change. Tomorrow we will try to have mobility, to try long balls in the depth, in order to be more in attack," said the defender.

"I can say that being the first, we will face good teams, but let's leave this to the future. We consider it a difficult match, as Albania makes an intense game on the wing and exerts a lot of pressure. The match will be not easy. The victory in Paris made it easy for us, but tomorrow will not be easy. We have to play hard, and Deschamps also said it was going to be a difficult match, as they play at home and inaugurate the new stadium," Varane said.
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