75 percent of Albanians want unification with Kosovo

75 percent of Albanians want unification with Kosovo
 According to a recent survey, 74.8 percent of Albanians appear to be in favor of the idea of Kosovo-Albania unification.

This was announced by the journalist Sebastian Ladies, through a post on Facebook.

He announced that an in-depth study conducted by civil society organizations was planned to be published in Tirana this week, but the publication of this study has been canceled.

However, “75% of Albanians are in favor of the National Union. The publication of the study is canceled. 'An in-depth study was planned this week in Tirana, attended by many civil society organizations in Albania and Kosovo, on national unity. The publication of the study has been canceled the night before without any explanation, although everything was ready. Below I have posted a picture of one of the study pages that shows that in the poll conducted about 75% of Albanians in Albania would have voted in favor of the Albania - Kosovo union if a referendum had been held.” he said.

According to him, the study deals with surveys of many other topics that prove that Albanians are against the idea of ​​exchanging territories with Serbia, and against the Balkan Mini-Schengen, as they seek integration and National Unity, rather than unification with Serbia.

Below you can find the results of this detailed research:

- Of the respondents: 88.7% of Kosovo Albanians have visited Albania, while only 31.6% of Albanians have visited Kosovo.

- Only 18% of Kosovo Serb minority respondents have visited Albania in the last two years.

- 85% of respondents in Albania say they feel safe when they visit Kosovo. 60 percent of Kosovo's citizens say they feel safe when they visit Albania.

- Most of the Albanian respondents in Kosovo and Albania say they have no problem with social relations with someone from Kosovo or Albania (residing in a village, town, neighborhood, working together).

- When asked whether the respondents have a problem marrying someone from another country (Albania / Kosovo), the situation is as follows: 75% of respondents in Albania say they do not have a problem, while in Kosovo 56% give a positive answer.

- 84% of Kosovo Albanians and 67% of Albanian citizens do not want to have social relations with Serbs.

- 85% of Albanians in Albania and 65% of Albanians in Kosovo support social relations with people from Western Europe ie. to work and coexist with westerners.

- When asked about the willingness to marry someone from Western Europe, the situation looks like this: in Albania 65.5% do not see this as a problem, in Kosovo only 19.5% are willing to marry someone from the West.

- The question is about the willingness to marry someone of another religion, the difference is huge. In Albania, 79% say they do not see this as a problem at all. In Kosovo, only 13.5 percent are willing to marry someone of another religion.

- Kosovo Albanians are better informed on the political leaders of Albania's most important institutions and on historical dates compared to the citizens of Albania on the same information on Kosovo.

- More Kosovo Albanians consume Albanian media than vice versa.

- Regarding the rule of law, citizens in both countries believe that the law is best implemented in Kosovo.

- Regarding corruption, most respondents in Kosovo say that corruption is higher in Kosovo, but most Albanian respondents disagree.

- Albanians in Albania and Kosovo agree that countries such as Germany, Italy, France, the USA, Croatia, and Turkey are cordial to both countries (Kosovo and Albania).

- According to respondents: Serbia and Russia are the most hostile countries towards Albania and Kosovo.

- Regarding Greece: Albanians in Kosovo and Albania agree that Greece has a more cordial attitude towards Kosovo and more aggressive towards Albania.

- Most in both countries think that the relations between Kosovo and Albania are not sufficiently developed.

- The majority in both countries call for the unification of textbooks and curricula.

- Most require complete abolition of customs duties.

- 63% of respondents in Albania WANT national unity. In Kosovo: 54% want union with Albania. 16% of respondents in Albania and Kosovo oppose the union. The most common argument cited by opponents is different cultures and traditions. Those who do not want the union mostly come from urban areas in Kosovo and Albania. Geographically most of those opposed to the union reside in the Pristina region and central Albania.

- On the question of whether they are willing to pay an extra tax to enable the merger, things change: only 29% of respondents in Albania are willing to pay an extra tax, in Kosovo 49% would pay this tax.

- If they were able to decide on the referendum, 75% of Albanians in Albania and 64% of Kosovo Albanians would support national unity.

- When asked about how feasible the national unification is, the situation is changing: only 23% in Albania and 17% of Albanians in Kosovo believe that unification is possible.

- Recent months debate on the possibility of border adjustment has not been welcomed positively by Kosovo Albanians (70%), Albania (52%), Kosovo Serbs (80%). The exchange of territories - North Kosovo for the Presevo Valley - has been rejected by most respondents.
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