Albanians celebrate independence at City Council in New York

 New York City Council organized a celebration last night for the 107th anniversary of Albania's independence. On Flag Day, the council honored some of the city's prominent activists. 

New York Albanians are proud to be able to celebrate their Flag Day here at City Hall.

For several years now, they have had their elected councilman, Mark Gjonaj, who on this occasion reminded everyone of how much the Albanian community of New York has been developed.

“You serve on the front lines in our military, in classes with students as educators, as leaders in our financial markets, as doctors in emergency rooms and in every other profession. You form the base that makes New York City so magnificent,” Mr. Gjonaj said.

The City Council honored some individuals who assist in various fields.

New York City Police Captain Lutfi Dalipi has been honored as one of the force's professional officers.

Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman, is one of the survivors of the war rape, known especially for giving the 20,000 other women in Kosovo who suffered her fate, a voice they did not have.

"Standing in front of this Albanian flag," she said, "I find it difficult to imagine that it was precisely for this flag that I was raped and tortured. But this flag gives us the courage to fight and come together no matter where we live. "

Sali Bollati is a Chameria survivor. He has been honored as a community activist.

Frank Shkreli has been director of the Eurasian sector at Voice of America. Today he is active in writing and reflecting on Albanians.

Doctor Ana Cohen, a descendant of a Jewish family born and raised in Vlora, has worked with the New York Albanian community for years. Today she lives in Sarasota, Florida, but has not stopped working with Albanians.

A ceremony was also honored for the singer Ilir Shaqiri, invited here from Kosovo.

Albanian Ambassador to the United States Floreta Luli Faber also spoke at the ceremony, expressing gratitude to the United States and the Albanian community of America.
Albanians celebrate independence at City Council in New York  Albanians celebrate independence at City Council in New York Saturday, November 23, 2019 Rating: 5
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