What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania

What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania

 Traveling in Albania is increasing but a few things like transportation, roads, etc. are holding people back. Trips to Albania have become simpler and easier, there is nothing to worry about. Just follow simple packing and trip tricks and everything will be fine. Following is our comprehensive guide on what to pack if you are going on a road trip in Alania.

Basic things

If you are traveling via bus, airplane, or even taking a ferry to Albania ticket is one important thing you wouldn’t want to forget. Buy or book your tickets in advance as soon as you can. If traveling on a bike you would only need a visa and your passport.

This is simple and straight. Schengen or European visa gets you in for 90 days. There is a twist, you must have used the visa at least once before coming to Albania. Other than that U.S and Schengen residents and Green Card holders are allowed without a visa, yay for you!

Packing your bags

What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania

First and foremost, pack clothes according to the places you are going to travel. Like jackets, swimsuits, etc. so that you can enjoy with full potential. Pack smart, carry things that you need!
Smartphone, obviously who forgets and want to leave their phone behind in this era. Make sure your smartphone is unlocked because that way you can get a local sim and be able to use your phone and make a call if and when you need.

Health care
Motion sickness is common so keep medicines with you just in case. It sometimes gets difficult to find your desired brand.

Pack all items like sunscreen, mosquito repellent and others that you need. Brands or creams there are not up to the standard, at least, the one I used wasn’t. Don’t let that ruin your trip.

When traveling on bikes the best way to pack is to have multiple bags. Divide your stuff so that you can travel and ride without any problems. Get items like creams and pills, phone, maps, insurance, etc. quickly accessible in a tank bag. Put other items like clothes, jackets, rain suit in saddlebags. If you still have something get a backpack or sissy bar bag. Check the Viking Bags site to get a perfect one.

What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania

Important items
Albanian law requires you to carry night reflectors (stickers or lights) and first aid kits with you all the times. In addition, helmets are mandatory for both passengers and drivers. Do not ignore these because you can be heavily fined.

Travelling requires a lot of luggage carrying and keeping it safe is another task, so choose your luggage and bags carefully.

Travel insurance
Don’t forget to get yourself travel insurance as it will help you out a lot during the journey and trip. In emergency cases, sickness, accidents or any other incident that you are covered for it will be like an angel for you. We never know what will happen next so it is better to be prepared for it. Even if it weren’t of any use investment was worthwhile. Better not to risk anything.

Important tip
Get the money from exchanges at airports, check beforehand for best rates. Get some local currency because shops and gas stations do not currency exchange options. Inform your bank when and where you are going to travel so that they won’t block your account thinking it’s a scam. Ask if the bank charges some fee if you do huge transactions or use it from another country.

What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania

That being said, it is best to carry multiple cards, because if one gets blocked your trip is not affected. Visa and master cards are not accepted everywhere so carry some cash, but too much to attract thieves. Do not travel at night, never unless you want to take a risk. Happy and safe travels!
What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania What to pack when going on a road trip in Albania Sunday, September 08, 2019 Rating: 5
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