Rules and regulations to ride a motorcycle in Albania

 Albania is a great place to visit and the number of tourists is increasing every year. If you are also planning to go there on your bike or ride in the city during your trips then you must follow the rules and regulations of motorcycle riding in Albania. Let’s get into it right away!


Driving license

This is a no brainer, you need the license in to ride, in addition to that rider must be 18 years old at least, even if your country allows under 18 driving licenses. However, if you do not have an Albanian driving license worry not if you have EU and EEA country issued license but an International Driving Permit is still required to drive in Albania.

Vital documents

Carrying required documents while driving in Albania is important. Following is the list
Full and valid driving license
Insurance (third party or above)
ID (passport)
Vehicle ownership proof (v5c certificate)
IDP 1949

Essential gear to wear

Rules and regulations to ride a motorcycle in Albania

When driving license issue is resolved and you are ready you must not forget protective motorcycle riding gear. The car ride is not like the bike so safety is important and should be your priority. Deflecting stickers on bikes and reflective jackets or vests along with motorcycle helmets for rider and passenger both is mandatory. For your safety, you should always wear protective motorcycle gear like jackets, chaps, gloves, helmet, etc. You can find the best ones here.

Rules regulations of the road

Rules on road

Following laws and having driving sense reduces injuries, accidents, and helps a lot. So, it is important to know and follow the important and basic road regulations. Follow these to make sure you and your surroundings are safe.


In Albania, you should pass from the left side to overtake a vehicle while not being in the same lane. All rules are in accordance with the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic so you can see that for further details.


Emergency vehicles like police, ambulance, etc. have priority over other vehicles if they are using siren and flashing lights. Vehicles coming from the right side have priority, excluding emergency vehicles, at intersections unless traffic signal or light or police say otherwise.


You can only use horns to avoid accidents, in an emergency, before overtaking, and outside urban areas.


Bringing a vehicle temporarily is allowed without formalities but required you to have proper documents to show customs whenever demanded. It will help in to avoid problems.

Winter gear

Yes, it gets cold here so the recommendation is to have the proper gear for yourself and the vehicle. Be equipped with the right tools and gear to avoid any issues. Winter and studded tires are permitted so if you like, go for it.

Carrying luggage

man on motorcycle in berat

Driving in Albania requires some items to be carried with you, all the times, by law. If you do not have those it can get problematic and you might be fined. Just carry following with you to avoid problems.

Headlamp beam deflectors or deflector stickers.
First aid kit. We are serious here.
Safety helmets for drivers and passengers on two-wheeled vehicles
The easiest and simplest way to carry all this and any other item easily with you is to mount saddlebags on the bike. Put all the required documents and items, luggage and even some snacks in it. This way you can ride comfortably without getting your shoulders sore.

Speed limits

Observe carefully speed limits vary depending on the area, roads, and vehicles.
Mopeds 30km/h in or outside built-up areas.
Other vehicles
Motorways 110 km/h
Main intercity roads 90 km/h
Secondary intercity and local roads 80 km/h
Urban areas 40 km/h


Police are authorized to a fine up to 5,000 Albanian Lek. Foreign vehicles are observed carefully so obey traffic laws strictly. Otherwise, you can get fined for even minor offenses.


Parking Regulations

Do not park at no parking zone, obviously. All the rules are like “Convention on Road Traffic 1968.”

Parking rules enforcement 

A parking fine is 500 but if vehicles are towed away while parked in banned areas, minimum for that is 4,000 Albanian Lek.

Disabled parking access

disabled drivers public parking spaces are marked observe and park carefully. Don’t park in disabled space if you aren’t one.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights system is the same as the rest of the world, i.e. international three-color system.

Drugs and driving

Legal limit

No tolerance for driving when high is shown in Albania and a maximum blood alcohol level is 0.01%.


If a driver is allegedly under alcohol influence a breath test is taken. 5,000 to 20,000 Albanian Lek is fined, leading up to suspending the license, if s/he resists against breath test.

Roads & fuel

man on motorcycle in Albania

Only key roads have enough lighting while urban area street lights are often don’t have power. Going out at Night for the ride or any other purpose should be avoided for safety. Gas stations are generally open 24 hours but located in urban areas and there are no automatic petrol pumps.


If you are facing breakdown, or in an accident or any emergency on the road it is mandatory to use warning triangle or hazard lights.


112 emergency speed-dial is available every time anywhere in Europe. Your calls can be answered in English, French, and Albanian languages. Ride safe and stay protected.
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