Eugenio Galdon has been violated because didn't like the services of the Albanian

 Eugenio Galdon
 The violation of the Spanish tourist in Porto Palermo, Himara, by local owner Mihal Kokedhima, has caused a stir in the country and abroad.

Major world media, mostly Spanish, are paying close attention to the event, severely condemning the gesture of the owner of the bar, who followed tourists up to 3 kilometers on their car.

It is about the owner of the Restaurant in Porto Palermo, Himara, who has been arrested following the incident yesterday when he assaulted a group of Spanish tourists following the conflict at his Restaurant.

It is about the cousin of the Albanian politician Koço Kokëdhima, Mihal Kokëdhima, 51, a resident of Saranda, who because of poor motivation initially threatened the tourists who were dissatisfied with the service of his Restaurant and went about to leave. Then in the dinamicts of the conflict, he damaged the vehicle of transport of the tourists while on move, like in movies.

Here you can see the video of the violation.

We remind that this is not an isolated case in South Albania.

There have been many cases related to the dissatisfaction of the tourists in the context of service, food quality and the price.

But who is the Spanish family that fell prey to the violence, and its head Eugenio Galdon?

Eugenio Galdon is a well-known name in Spain. He is one of the most powerful businessmen in Spain. Galdon is the founder of ONO, the company that provides telephone, television and internet services, and has been President of this company until November 2018.

But in addition to business, he is also recognized as a very important name in the administration, as he held high positions. Galdon has been the chief of the cabinet of the Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez and former director of the Prisa or COPE media groups.

Since 1992, he has been president and shareholder of Multitel, a business group he founded to invest in media and telecommunications projects in Spain since ONO was sold to Vodafone in March 2014. for 7.2 billion euros.

Since March 2014 he is also president of the Everis Foundation for the Business World and a member of the company's Advisory Board. He is part of the top 200 richest people in Spain. Eugenio Galdón is in the 139th place.
Eugenio Galdon has been violated because didn't like the services of the Albanian Eugenio Galdon has been violated because didn't like the services of the Albanian Monday, August 19, 2019 Rating: 5
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