Air Albania: the first flights to Italy in Autumn. Then the rest of Europe and the USA

Air Albania aircraft
 The Albanian national airline Air Albania will start - after Istanbul - to operate from and to European destinations.

As announced by Prime Minister Edi Rama, the next and first European destinations of Air Albania will all be Italy - Rome, Milan, and Bologna.

"The red-black airline flights to Europe begin with Italy in Autumn." - reads the post on Facebook by Prime Minister Rama.

The latter also presented to the public (with attached photos) the Boeing 737 of 2016 called "Migjeni", which will take care of flights to and from Italy starting an Autumn.

 Migjeni, a Boeing 737 of Air Albania fleet
"After‘ Lasgushi ‘covering Istanbul, here is also‘ Migjeni ’, the second aircraft of the‘ Air Albania ’fleet that will fly to Italy at the beginning of Autumn. It is about a Boeing 737 produced in 2016 with high-quality standard services.

Meanwhile, by the end of the year, also "Naimi" will be added to the fleet for other European destinations while, further on,  "Noli" for direct Albania-United States lines." reads the post published Saturday on Facebook by Edi Rama.

Who are the Albanian personalities to whom the aircraft of the airline Air Albania are dedicated?

The idea of ​​the Albanian Government to dedicate the aircraft of the national airline "Air Albania" to great personalities of Albanian history is an idea already seen previously by the Norwegian Air airline

Flights Tirana-Istanbul
Lasgush Poradeci - Albanian poet (Pogradec 1899 - Tirana 1988). He contributed to the renewal of Albanian poetry with his suggestive lyrics, collected in Vallja and yjeve ("The dance of the stars", 1933) and Ýlli i zemrës ("The stars of the heart", 1937).

Flights Tirana-Rome, Tirana-Bologna, Tirana-Milan
Millosh Gjergj Nikolla (Migjeni), was born in Scutari in 1911 and died in 1938 in Torre Pellice (Turin). Writer of verses and prose, he is one of the most famous Albanian intellectuals of the twentieth century.

Flights Tirana - other European destinations
Naim Frashëri - Albanian poet and writer (Frashër, Southern Albania, 1846 - Constantinople 1900). Affiliated with the mystery sect of the Bektāshīs, which bases its religious belief in Persian "Sufism", in his lyrics, he advocates the freedom of Albania and at the same time the universal brotherhood, are pervaded by subtle veins of mystical pantheism. (Source: Treccani)

Flights Tirana-United States
Fan Noli - Albanian writer and politician (Ibrik-Tepe, Adrianopoli, 1882 - Fort Lauderdale 1965). Orthodox priest, he founded the Albanian autocephalous church and promoted the use of Albanian as a liturgical language.
Air Albania: the first flights to Italy in Autumn. Then the rest of Europe and the USA Air Albania: the first flights to Italy in Autumn. Then the rest of Europe and the USA Monday, August 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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