World Politicians Meet Mojahedin in Albania in Ashraf 3

World Politicians Meet Mujahideen in Albania in  Ashraf 3
 A big international conference on Iran was held in Albania (Ashraf 3) on Saturday 13, July 2019, where the main opposition Iranian group of Mojahedinin Albania resides.

For the first time, hundreds of personalities from both sides of the politics and from both sides of the Atlantic and the Middle East were present among the thousands of Mojahedin members who moved to Albania from Iraq in 2016. Among the speakers in this event was the personal attorney of US President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Senator Joseph Lieberman, former National Security Secretary Tom Ridge, current and former members of Congress, European lawmakers, former US Army commanders, and former Prime Ministers and Ministers from across the globe.

This international conference revealed the ever-growing strength of Mojahedins and their position as the democratic alternative of the Iranian regime.

The main speaker at this event was the elected President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi. NCRI is a democratic coalition of opposition groups and personalities, which includes the Mojahedin as its main group.

Rajavi said the religious fascism dominated Iran has come to an end and is approaching the overthrow. The regime does not have the ability to negotiate, to abandon terrorism and its interventions in the region, or to politically maneuver as did during the period of peace.

She added that, internationally, the regime is "hanging on hopes of non-action and tolerance by the international community. The calculations are that terrorist operations and incitement to conflicts in the countries of the region will not cost much, at least until the upcoming presidential elections in the US."

"The undeniable solution is the overthrow of the religious dictatorship in its entirety by the people of Iran and its Resistance," added Mrs. Rajavi.

Mayor Giuliani has named the Iranian Mojahedin as freedom fighters and said, "When the history is written, will be said that you are the freedom fighters, that will lead your people towards freedom."

"Let's make it clear: there is an alternative to this terrible terror regime. The National Council of the Resistance of Iran, led by Elected President Madam Rajavi; a coalition of resilient, respected organizations around the world," Giuliani added.

Senator Lieberman praised Mojahedin for building Ashraf 3 in such a short time and said: "Ashraf 3 is the best evidence of the fact that you are the alternative to this regime."

"It is not just the fact that you represent an alternative to the Ayatollahs in Iran today. You represent the right choice. And it starts like every move; a movement needs a strong leader, with principles and cooperation, and that's exactly what you have, thanks to God, to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi," Lieberman added.

Hundreds of Albanian personalities and politicians participated in the conference. Pandeli Majko, Albanian Diaspora Minister, said: "Politicians in Albania have had strong debates but there is no debate about your stay here because you are in the fate of the Albanians and that is our culture."

Majko called on the Iranian regime and said: "If they want to touch you, they should know that if the case is raised, the Iranian ambassador and the deputy will be deported."

Other speakers at this event were the Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX), former Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX), former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), former FBI director Louis Freeh, former United States Army Chief of Staff George Casey, former Marine Corps Commander James Conway, former US ambassador to Morocco & Middle East White House Advisor Marc Ginsberg, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, former French Foreign Minister Bernard Koushner, Panamanian presidential candidate Ingrid Betncourt etc.
World Politicians Meet Mojahedin in Albania in Ashraf 3 World Politicians Meet Mojahedin in Albania in  Ashraf 3 Saturday, July 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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