NATO General Tod Wolters visiting Kosovo

NATO General Tod Wolters visiting Kosovo
 Tod Wolters
 NATO Senior Allied Forces Commander for Europe, US General Tod Wolters stayed for a visit to Pristina during which he met leaders of Kosovo's political and military institutions.

General Wolters' visit, which in May assumed the oath as the highest commander of allied forces in Europe, followed those in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and, according to his office, he aimed at getting close to the situation on the ground and seeking opportunities to improve cooperation and interaction with NATO military forces and to promote peace and stability in the region."

The meetings in Pristina were held without the presence of the media, while in an announcement of the office of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj it is stated that at the meeting with "General Wolters was discussed about the achievements of Kosovo institutions, especially in the field of security, the role of the NATO mission and support for enhancing the professionalism of the Kosovo Security Force."

The highest NATO commander a day earlier was in Belgrade where he met Serbian political and military leaders.

General Wolters told to Voice of America through a statement that with the Serbian leaders "was discussed for a wide range of topics as he was happy with Serbia's work and dedication for peace and stability in the Western Balkans."

The Office of the President of Serbia, through a statement after meeting with General Wolters, quoted President Alexander Vucic as saying that "NATO-led international peacekeepers in Kosovo are guarantors of security for Serbs living in Kosovo, while considering important to establish a telephone line for emergency communication between Serbian forces and KFOR to quickly eliminate tensions or violence."

But General Wolters's office told Voice of America that "during the meeting with President Vucic, there was no discussion of a "telephone line", namely, it was about maintaining and improving existing communication lines. The current KFOR commander communicates with the Serbian Armed Forces," the statement said, underlining that General Wolters is inclined to increase efforts and focus on promoting peace in the Western Balkans.

NATO forces in Kosovo continue to look after the security of about four thousand troops currently on the ground.
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