Greece holds early parliamentary elections, 150,000 Albanians with the right to vote and 5 candidates

parliament of greece
 Greek Parliament
 Greece holds today the early parliamentary elections, where the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras seeks another term, while the right-wing opposition has openly challenged the left-wing government. Kyriakos Mitsotakis by the New Democracy Party wants to end Tsipras's 4-year rule.

The latter announced early elections in May after his SYRIZA party lost majority in European elections to the European Parliament.

Greek media report that the ballot boxes have been opened in 21,478 centers and 9.9 million Greeks will elect the deputies from 20 parties and political forces that challenge each other in this race. There are over 150,000 Albanian emigrants who have obtained the Greek citizenship and have the right to vote in these elections.

Opposition leader Mitsotakis promises lower taxes, more privatization of public services, and renegotiating the deal with Greece's creditors in order to invest more money in the country.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Tsipras, who took power in 2015, has promised more investments and has recently increased the pensions.

Even his investment promises are in fact policies that will have to be renegotiated with Greece's creditors, as the country is under Eurozone supervision after overcoming the economic crisis.

In addition to the Albanians who have the right of vote, who are about 15,000, there are also 5 Albanian competing to be part of the Greek Parliament.

albanian candidates for the greek parliament
From left above: Jorgos Trihas, Anxhela Filo, Fatos Malaj, Eda Gemi and Kristos Ducis 

But who are the 5 Albanians running for deputies?

Jorgos Trihas - runs with the SYRIZA party in the second area of ​​Athens. Originally from Saranda, Jorgos Trihas has completed Nursing and then undergraduate studies in business management. He served as a special advisor to the Foreign Ministry. It is a member of SYRIZA's secretariat for the homogeneous.

Anxhela Filo - runs with the Nea Dimokratia party in the area of ​​Thessaloniki. She was born and grew up in the city of Korça. In 1991 her parents emigrated to Greece and settled in the city of Thessaloniki. Graduated as Topography Engineer has worked in the private sector and today has her own private office as an entrepreneur. Since 2011, he has been chairman of the Omonoia organization at the Thessaloniki branch and an active member of the Nea Dimokratia, Macedonia-Thrace branch in the Balkans and International Relations sector.

Fatos Malaj - runs with the KINAL party in the first Athens area. He was born in Delvina and emigrated to Greece in 1997, where he lives and works. From the very first moment he was actively energized for the rights of immigrants, for their normal integration into the Greek society. He is an intercultural mediator certified in the directory of immigrant service in the decentralized Attica administration. He is chairman of "Arogyi - Support", a non-governmental organization with well known activities in the protection of human rights. He is a member of the human rights and immigration policy department at the Movement for Change (KINAL) party.

Eda Gemi - runs with the KINAL party in the second area of ​​Athens. Political Science Specialist, specialized in issues of governance, immigration and integration policies. After completing studies at Metropolitan University of London, Eda Gemi has received a master's degree in political science at the University of Athens. He speaks Greek, English and Italian, in addition to his native Albanian. He is a lecturer and researcher at ISR Institute for Urban and Regional Research (Vienna); EUI- European University Institute (Florence), and European University of Tirana. The Albanians recognize Eda Gemin as a prominent activist, researcher and pedagogue.

Kristos Ducis - runs with the Elliniki Lysi party in the second area of ​​Athens (Notios Tomeas B Athinon). He has finished the pedagogical high school Pandeli Sotiri in Gjirokastra and has worked as a teacher in the district of Tepelena. In 1991 he was elected president of the association Digenis Akritas and in the period 1996-2005 he was president of the federation Saint Cosmas, where he served as head of the Agricultural Cooperative of Dropull i Sipërm and in Gjirokastra, which under the leadership of Mr. Duci was the voice of homogeneous representatives from Albania and actively fought with concrete results for solving their problems. In the period 2011-2015 was the head of the Municipality of Dropulli i Sipërm.
Greece holds early parliamentary elections, 150,000 Albanians with the right to vote and 5 candidates Greece holds early parliamentary elections, 150,000  Albanians with the right to vote and 5 candidates Sunday, July 07, 2019 Rating: 5
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