The Albanian student Endrit Toplica constructed a robotic hand

 Endrit Toplica
 The 24-year-old Albanian student from Pristina, Endrit Toplica has constructed a robotic hand that can be used by amputees.

Toplica has bought the equipment in online stores abroad and has printed the plastic hand with a 3D printer.

Took six months for him to make possible such a hand. "The robot hand can in the future replace a static prosthesis, which moves by the muscle. The hand has five internal small motors which can perform linear, straight, front and back motions. This small device transforms the muscle movements into electrical signals, it sends the signals through a small control plate and inside there is an algorithm that sends all the electric signals on the move for each engine, depending on how an amputee thinks to move his hand, and these are converted into motion," says Toplica.

The robotic hand constructed by Endrit Toplica
He says he can now accomplish it much sooner. "Up to 90 percent is the accuracy and 10 percent that can make mistakes. The person needs testing and proof until he knows, gets used to working with this. This hand can serve as a much cheaper prosthesis and prosthesis and offers more stuff than ordinary prothesis. If you put this hand out and after five years normally, the child, the person changes the size of one hand, you can freely remove all the electrical parts, the engines must be resumed and you can print a bigger size hand and put it, all this at a much more low cost, so you do not need to change the entire prosthesis," he says.

At the Orthopedic Clinic, about three thousand people a year require services / prostheses for one of the body's limbs. Setting up a robotic hand can be done without consulting the orthopedist.

In the near future, Endrit says it can start producing more such equipment for those who need it.
The Albanian student Endrit Toplica constructed a robotic hand The Albanian student Endrit Toplica constructed a robotic hand Sunday, June 02, 2019 Rating: 5
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