Edi Rama: who violates the elections will be punished; "don't play with fire

Edi Rama: who violates the elections will be punished; "don't play with fire
 Edi Rama
 A message to the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the Democrat leader Lulzim Basha: they must not dare to hinder the election because they will "be playing with the fire", Edi Rama said at the start of the election campaign today.

But not only that, he said that any Albanian who decides to violate the law and the Constitution will not only be punished as the law foresees but will also be banned from entering the US or EU.

"We do not want to see anyone behind the bars because of an old man, so we'll give all the necedary informaiton these days, we'll show you patiently where the limits of the law are, we'll tell you what's in the code. We will be true and we will tell you how badly will end a person who violates the right to vote. ..."said the Prime.

Rama said their opponent in these elections would be of what he called the "ghost of the past".

"Sisters and brothers the journey we begin today is not a battle without opponents, but a historic struggle, a battle to end forever a low, dirt, disloyal way of doing politics by mocking the people, by abusing the language which unites us, violating universal legislators of democratic co-existence. We will put an end to the resurrection illusion of a late elder who burned Albania alive, benefiting from our disunity in the past. He thinks that he has blackmailed us with the fire of divisive hatred and that of Pinocchio that is in charge of his party. Let's put an end to the cynical smiles, to close the chapter of rage, vulgarity. The battle that we will develop with passion, persistence with the citizens of this country, whether they are opponents or where they have, where the opponent is the ghost of the past, which is breathing but is not surrendered yet," said Rama.

According to him, Albania will not bear the weight of shame, to anyone of those who try to hinder the election.

"This is not a battle for the votes, but for the hearts and minds of the Albanians, even though we can not win by vote, but with the strength of our peace and nobility, we will not seek the vote but the citizenship, responsibility, family and human responsibility of anyone who wants to live in this country, not mess and conflicts. The Opponent who does not want elections requires people up and down to make a big shame, which would harm Albania in every respect by making us the first country in Europe where elections are taken hostage by a group of a political little thing, that said by the enemies of Albania when they insisted that Albanians can not make a state because they can not respect the rules they decide themselves. Let no one think, let me not dare to make such a masquerade! This is the place of the children of Albania. We will work hard and tirelessly that every ordinary person of this country, whatever on June 30, responding by vote or distanced from that shame... We do not seek the vote of anyone who will not participate in the elections, but to stand up against the election means, to stand up against the Constitution. It is a right that nobody can touch. This can not be the old square for the favors of an old man playing with fire," Rama continued.
Edi Rama: who violates the elections will be punished; "don't play with fire Edi Rama: who violates the elections will be punished; "don't play with fire Saturday, June 01, 2019 Rating: 5
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