Balla requires the dismissal of Albania's President Ilir Meta in the Parliament

Taulant Balla speaking in Parliament, June 13, 2019
 The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla during today's session of the Assembly stated that the MPs have a resolution in front of them, and he requested the vote in favor of an unprecedented act, as he called the cancellation of the date of the elections. In this way he requested by the Assembly to vote for the dismissal of the President.

"In front of your eyes, you have a resolution aimed at answering to an unprecedented act, with full conviction, I urge you to vote on the resolution to clarify every Albanian citizen, that the right of the vote be guaranteed. The elections will be held on June 30," he said.

During his speech Balla listed all the reasons of why the June 30 elections can not be postponed.

"The process is in the last round, must be respected the right of vote to the electors, many financial resources are used, this great cost will not be undermined by the decree. Earlier the elections has been postponed up to 1 month, you can not take as precedence over other cases like 2007 or 2017, as the postponement date in these cases was within the defined framework. The decree of Meta has nothing to do with the postponement or the repeating of the elections. The elections should have been decreed on another date within the limits set by the Constitution, while his decree breaks every limit of the Constitution." Balla said.

Balla stressed also that there are some consequences caused by this decree of the President.

"He has seriously violated the principle of neutrality. He has violated the fundamental right of voters to choose and to be elected. The non-participation of some parties, says the President is the denial of the right to be elected, but the non-participants in this case have not been denied the right to run. Who wanted to get registered, has been registered in the elections. The decree is in contradiction with the Electoral Code, it aims to undermine a 90% of its consumed process," he said.

He also added that the DP and SMI have exerted pressure on the other parties to not be registered in this contest. He even added that the president is aware of this.
Balla requires the dismissal of Albania's President Ilir Meta in the Parliament Balla requires the dismissal of Albania's President Ilir Meta in the Parliament Thursday, June 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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