The production and export of Albanian honey increased considerably

The production and export of Albanian honey increased considerably
 Unlike the other agricultural products we are used to seeing the growing production or exports, the Albanian honey and its by-products production seems to be starting to gain more and more ground, not only in domestic consumption but also in exports.

According to Albanian Institute of Statistics, the honey production has increased by 8.9% in 2018 compared with 2017, followed by eggs production that increased by 2.0% and meat production by 0.1%.

Statistics show that particular attention is being paid to bee breeding where there is an increase in the activity of farmers in some areas of the country. While honey exports are continuing not only in the region but also beyond.

The most important types of honey that are produced in our country and are quite demanded in foreign markets is the honey of Zadrima (Lezha region). The hottest honey in this area is that of the Sage.

The honey produced in Puka has high nutritional value due to the nature and diversity of medicinal plants groing in the area. While mountain honey (Tropoja and Korça) is a solution for many small farms located in mountainous areas, which have not the possibility to expand their agricultural production and go to the market.

In our country is also produced the honey of chestnuts from Tropoja, a well known honey because of its special taste, Himara honey, which is collected from the forests of Llogora, Palasë and Borsh. While the well-known brand of honey is also known for the honey of Përmet and the honey of the mountains of Gjirokastra.
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