Albania's best Touristic Destinations, according to awutar

Albania's best Touristic Destinations, according to awutar

The Ethiopian magazine awutar has published recently an article describing some of the best places of Albania to be visited, including and a private business. Althou Albania has many wonderful places, seems that the Ethiopian website is based on some particular aspects.

The advantages of recreation in Albania include affordable prices. The country is not yet spoiled by crowds of tourists, there are very inexpensive food and accommodation. In Albania there is everything for recreation – clean beaches, picturesque canyons, untouched nature, lots of interesting historical places and attractive corners.

Service at a fairly high, truly European level, and the locals are very hospitable and respectful of travelers. What you should definitely do in Albania is to get acquainted with the local cuisine and wines. Believe me, Albania in this respect is in no way inferior to France, will delight you with its culinary delights and a huge selection of different varieties of the noble drink.

National Ethnographic Museum in Berat

The museum in the city of Berat was opened relatively recently – in 1979. The building itself, built according to the traditional Beratsky architecture, attracts attention, as well as amazing real estate furniture, literally built into the house. The National Ethnographic Museum allows you to get acquainted with the life of local people, with their traditions and crafts, in particular, the process of production of olive oil. The museum collection has more than a thousand exhibits.

Chobo Winery

This is a family business whose owners will be happy to show tourists all the peculiarities of wine production and let them taste the various varieties of the noble drink, which is the pride of Albania. At first, visitors to the winery of the Chobo family are introduced to the production itself, and then to the collection of wines where bottles are kept from each crop year. There are both white and red wines, and the eyes of the wealth of choice just run up. The wine cellar itself is also very picturesque, with mosaics and ancient amphoras for storage. The winery is located near the city of Berat.

Scanderbeg Square

If Tirana is the main city of Albania, then Skanderbeg Square is its center, the heart of the city, where the most important buildings and attractions are located. The center of the square is a monument to Scanderbeg, the national hero of Albania. Around there are such interesting buildings as the Haji-Ethem-Bay Mosque, the Opera House, the National Museum and the Saat-Kuda Clock Tower, built in 1822. The Scanderbeg Square is comparable in size to Red Square, all its buildings are designed in the style of Italian classicism.

National Historical Museum of Tirana

This museum was founded in 1981, is located on Skanderbeg Square in the center of Tirana. This is the largest of all Albanian museums, it has a collection of more than five thousand exhibits. In the museum we recommend you to visit the Pavilion of old, where exhibits from the Paleolithic times are collected. There is a separate Pavilion of the Middle Ages, as well as departments of iconography, renaissance, anti-fascism, independence and ethnography. Everything is very convenient for tourists, allows you to get acquainted with all the stages of the history of Albania.

Lake Skadar

This is the largest lake of the whole Balkan Peninsula, located simultaneously in Albania and Montenegro. Skadar Lake attracts tourists with its picturesque shores, rich flora and fauna, clean water and untouched natural areas that are under state protection. Navigation on Skadar Lake is well developed, therefore it is better to go on a boat trip. Moreover, the reservoir is known for its islands, on which churches with tombs were built.

Resort Ksamil

This is the most famous resort in Albania, which will amaze tourists with clear water and an amazing beach. At first it seems that on the beach you are met by ordinary, though incredibly snow-white and too coarse sand. However, after looking closely, it can be understood that this is not sand, but stones, ground to such a small state. The water in the resort of Ksamil, located near the town of Saranda, is incredible blue in color, just like in a pool. In addition, there are several uninhabited islands, which can be reached by swimming.

Berat Castle

Berat, which is located 123 kilometers from Tirana, is not for nothing called the city-museum. This is really a real museum of ancient architecture and history. Berat Castle is one of the most famous places in the city, located in the very center, as it should be – on a hill. The citadel was built in the XIII century, towering over the whole city and the river bed. Not only tourists come here, but also newlyweds. The views from the citadel are stunning, and inside there are several ancient temples and a collection of historical artifa
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