The Albanians in Italy earned € 4 billion in 2018

 Albanian citizens are the second non-EU earnings group in Italy in 2018, according to the latest report by the Leone Moressa Foundation regarding the tax impact of immigrants in Italy and based on data from the Central Bank of Italy.

The Albanians recorded last year an average earnings of about 14,000 euros per capita, and a total of about 4 billion euros.

If we compare this latter value to Albania's gross domestic product, can be said that the Albanian people in Italy produced about 1/3 of the entire Albanian economy in 2018. For this reason, given the high informality in the labor market in Italy - especially for foreigners - the value can be considered higher. Only the Brazilian citizens, in fact, outperform the Albanian ones with some 15,000 euros per capita.

In total there are about 460,000 Albanians living in Italy. However, Oculus News has always said it is higher because the population resident in Italy coming from Albania on January 1, 2017 according to ISTAT data was 448,407 without counting citizens who have acquired Italian citizenship and are no longer counted in official statistics.

How the Gain is calculated

Estimated earnings derive from taxes paid by Albanian taxpayers in Italy (about 286,000). The reference tax is on income of natural persons (IRPEF) through which, in the media, an Albanian emigrant in Italy pays about 2271 to the state.

This means that the Albanians of Italy pay about 651 million euros only in IRPEF funds in the Italian state, which has recorded a growth of 6.8% over a year ago.
The Albanians in Italy earned € 4 billion in 2018 The Albanians in Italy earned € 4 billion in 2018 Thursday, May 16, 2019 Rating: 5
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