NATO vessels anchored at the Port of Durres

 Within the 10th anniversary of Albania's NATO membership and strengthening of the cooperation between the member states, two frigates of the NATO (Standing NATO Maritime Group) have arrived today at the Durrës Sea Port.

The Dutch flagship HNMLS Evertsen F-805, Boudewjn Boots, expressed his satisfaction for this visit that strengthens further the relations with Albania.

"We have to visit Albania more often since become a member of NATO. I am glad that we are here with our Albanian colleagues and are ready to do what is needed. We are cooperating with all member states to respond in time to all the tasks and situations that arise," said Boudewjn Boots, the Dutch navy commander.

The NATO Ready Group is an international force made up of vessels of various alliance countries that train and carry out operations as a single group.

The composition of the group varies based on the naval capacities provided by contributing nations based on rotation. The Dutch frigate and Canadian frigate will stay in the port from 18-20 May and their visit will end with the Passex training.
NATO vessels anchored at the Port of Durres NATO vessels anchored at the Port of Durres Saturday, May 18, 2019 Rating: 5
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