Local Elections in Greece, Record of Albanian Candidates

 There are 69.821 candidates for the European Parliament election and local government, which take place on Sunday in Greece. There are also many Albanians to compeete. On the other hand the vote of Albanians of Greek citizenship on 26 May is expected to play a decisive role for many of the country's municipalities, and most importantly, the Athens municipality, where the highest percentage of emigrants live and work. In most of the ballot lists are included Albanian names, while the demands for the major parties remain open for the October 2019 parliamentary elections.

If the reaction is right and normally expected, in short, if all of the Albanians vote and support their compatriots, then the Sunday will undoubtedly be a historic day. As well as the most disillusioned and constantly snobbed by all sides, officially and ultimately realizes its legitimate integration into the wider European family with a new chapte

We support the race of ERMELA JANA and EDA GEMI

The biggest challenge on Sunday is the two candidacies for the parliamentary elections from the Greek leftist political spectrum: Eda Gemi with the party "Movement for Change" (former PASOK) and Ermela Jana with the party "Potami". Both candidates were born in Albania, studied in Greece and other European countries, and today they have a highly successful academic career. Both Eda Gemi and Ermela Jana are specialized in the field of immigration and human rights, with valuable experience and outstanding contribution to the identification and selection of major issues for the integration of immigrant communities into the European society, as well as the prevalence of European identity in it all Western Balkan countries.

Here are the names to be voted on Sunday!

In every corner of Greece, the full number of Albanian emigrants' candidacies is as large and difficult to determine or specify due to the fact that the names are not distinguished and the candidates are fully integrated into the local society where they enjoy full respect.

In Athens and surrounding areas of Attica, some of the candidates for councilors of the municipality or advisors of the regional governor are: Arjana Bariaba, Kristi Dedja, Sajmir Kostandin Stathi, Sotir Shehu, Skerdilajd Agalliu, Gani Xheka, Lefter Kuqo, Adiljan Koxhaj, Vivian Horieti, Eliona Gjergo Tanka, Juli Rexhepaj and Lisandër Niko Daullja.

The Albanian candidacies made public in Thessaloniki and the North of Greece are: Luan Zika, Loreta Spaho, Ana-Keti Cela Pendidhu, Anila Rezhda, Spiros Janakis, Kristina Sulillari Aleksandru.

While on the island of Crete competes Maria Kapllani, born and raised in Greece, in a journalistic profession, which even worked st the Star Channel.

Also, Greek minority Albanians not only have many candidacies on all Sunday's ballots, but for the first time in the Greece history a minority, Andreas Kurtis, runs for Attica governor.
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