Montenegro to support Albania's EU integration

Gent Cakaj and Milo Djukanovic
 Gent Cakaj (left) and Milo Djukanovic

 During the visit to Montenegro, the Minister in charge of Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj, held a meeting on Friday with the President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic.

"Albania appreciates President Djukanovic's contribution to Montenegro's Euro-Atlantic journey, which at the same time represents a contribution to the stability of the Western Balkans. The visit to Podgorica is an important moment to give a joint message on the necessity of opening the negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia," Cakaj said.

The Albanian top diplomat praised the achievements in the field of bilateral co-operation with Montenegro as a model for strengthening regional interaction and focused on the essential role of Albanians in the neighboring country, considering them as determining factors in the Euro-Atlantic progress of Montenegro.

Mr. Gent Cakaj also met with Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Genci Nimanbegu, where the relations between Montenegro and Albania were assessed as "excellent relations, without open issues but always with the possibility of improvement".

At the open and friendly meeting, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament briefed Minister Cakaj on Montenegro's political scene, first of all regarding the occasion of the second boycott of the opposition, convinced that the only country for the development of political dialogue is precisely the Assembly.

"The domestic political conflicts that we live in today's two countries are challenges of democracy, but they always give hope and will be solved for the benefit of citizens. We as Albanians in Montenegro do not try to create excessive problems that will toughen the positions that are so diametrically opposed to the position and the opposition, always devoted to the position of Albanians in Montenegro, but we are fully committed to strengthening the state institutions," said Mr. Nimanbegu.

Cakaj highly praised Montenegro's position as a regional leader in EU integration and expressed the conviction that Montenegro will have support for Albania's overdue integration. Regarding economic relations, they estimated that although good, could be further advanced.

Regarding the position of Albanians in Montenegro, the interlocutors exchanged their thoughts on the proactive role, and even as the constitutional obligation of Albania in this regard.

Cakaj congratulated the deputy chairman for the results achieved in the first elections in the municipality of Tuzi expressing his conviction that the results will not be missing later on towards the progress of the municipality of Tuzi in a developed municipality.

In the end, the interlocutors agreed that such meetings at all levels of the Republic of Albania and Montenegro are both fruitful and encouraging for the Albanians of Montenegro.
Montenegro to support Albania's EU integration Montenegro to support Albania's EU integration Friday, March 08, 2019 Rating: 5
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